4 Things to know about block-chain jobs

LinkedIn’s 2020 emerging jobs report confirms that Blockchain developer, artificial intelligence (AI) specialist and JavaScript developer are the top emerging jobs in India. Blockchain has swiftly risen and the last year’s report said that blockchains led by machine learning engineer, application development analyst, and back-end developers have equally gauged up.

Jobs that have risen


 While most of the emerging jobs in the latest report are tech-led, other roles such as digital marketing specialist and lead generation specialist have also seen significant rise compared to a year ago. LinkedIn defines emerging jobs as roles that have seen great demand in a region. There may not be a large talent pool that holds these jobs, there is a large year-over-year growth of professionals who are hired into these roles, showing the likely demand in the future.

All about Blockchain developers

Blockchain developers design the architecture of blockchain systems and are needed to help build products and services associated with the technology such as contracts and apps. Blockchain solutions is a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of ordered records called blocks and is deemed to be very transparent as all the stakeholders can view progress in real-time. It is expected to help trades settle instantly, accelerate international payments and remove the need for costly intermediaries, potentially saving the industry tens of billions of dollars.


India emerged as one of the top filers of blockchain patents last year, as per data from the World Intellectual Property Organisation. China and the US lead the list with 790 and 762 patents respectively, while India is at number 6 with 67.

Javascript is the third fastest growing job

JavaScript developer is the third fastest growing job. While front-end web developers work on the style of the web applications, JavaScript developers build and implement the base that defines how the visuals should appear. Such jobs are in demand across the IT industry, financial services and education management industry. 

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