Which is Better? BBA in Marketing or BBA in Finance

When considering options for doing Bachelors in Business Administration, the two most confusing paths to choose from is Marketing and Finance. Even though, this decision relies mostly on where one’s interests and inclinations lie, one also needs a specified set of skills and aptitude in order to make a well-informed decision.

Here are a few things one might need to consider while choosing between Marketing and Finance. Both Marketing and Finance are the backbones to any company, since one brings in funds and the other ensures optimum utilization of funds. Therefore, we cannot contest one field to be better than the other field.


Marketing is a field that requires one to be very extrovert and a total people’s person since it is a job that is mostly based on interactions with clients etc.

Only if one is good at making conversations effortlessly with people, he/she can pursue a field like marketing easily. An outgoing person with a knack to sell ideas and products seamlessly is a perfect candidate for such a job.

One needs to know that the nature of a marketing job requires one to remain on their feet at all times since it is a demanding area and expects you to remain on the field anytime of the day.
Top companies to recruit a person from a Marketing background are Microsoft, Unilever, etc.
If you are comfortable with the quintessential soft skills and the nature of a marketing job then it is a good choice to take up BBA in Marketing.


Finance, a field much different from that of Marketing but equally important and functional, requires one to properly allocate funds and finances across the various arenas of a company. This job expects one to remain on desk for long hours and therefore the nature of the job is completely different from that of Marketing. 

The prerequisite skills for the field of Finance are a knack for financial analysis, an ardent knowledge of statistics, ability to manage risks, capital budgeting, etc.
One needs to be good at negotiations and communications if one is choosing this field of job as their career prospects.
Top companies to recruit a person from a Finance background are Deutsche Bank, Citibank to name a few.
Finance is a choice best for a person who is a financial research enthusiast and likes to play with numbers and its analysis. 

More than anything else, choosing a field that interests you the most while also taking into consideration the set of skills you possess, is a good way to decide which career path you should take to eschew any regrets later. 

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