10 Best Jobs for Wanderlusts Who Love to Travel

Do you feel an urge to travel more, leave your 9 to 5 job and escape to a better place? Everybody dreams of visiting different places, meet new people and experience adventure. Mostly, it happens that people who want to travel, save up the whole year and end up spending it only for a few weeks and their money tree doesn’t allow them to go any further. 

What if you embark on a journey every day and are paid to travel altogether? Travelling overseas, Hiking up above the hill so high, riding to road ends and simultaneously getting along with your work to get paid for travelling more is a treat to anybody who aspires for never-ending voyages.

With wide scope of opportunities, you can plan on booking your tickets anytime with these job options and make your career successful out of it.

 1.     Flight attendant

Being a flight attendant gives you a great opportunity to travel on a regular basis. One can travel in stunning aircraft while earning a good income by serving the passengers through their communicative and interacting skills. Many airlines post online of such recruitments on a regular basis. One can earn rewards of getting free flights for themselves and family members as well as travel around the world.

2. Teach English

English speakers need not worry about job opportunities because their key skill takes them to places and it is one of their best traits. Teaching English to students in other countries is quite rewarding since it helps you to sort your travelling expenses with ease. This can be attained majorly by getting a certification in the subject.

3. Cruise Ship Worker

Working as a cruise ship worker sounds as luxurious as the cruise you’d be working in. In the end, you get paid for meeting and interacting with people with heterogeneous backgrounds. Along with the payment, one can enjoy free travel and a free room onboard. Primary roles one can opt for is serving for restaurants, working as a technician, cashier and other shipping activities.

4. Government-related Jobs

Studying in International relations can save you the learning time as you can travel along with pursuing your degree from a good university that comes up with government job profiles in foreign affairs. This job profile can position you to any place in the world, from where you’d be working.

5. Travel Agent

Due to the travel agency’s improved rapport, this industry has grown into a certified and licensed job providing an element that allows you to interact with your clients about booking preferences.

6. Tour Guide

People who’re passionate about going out and being interactive, who can make friends easily can live in other countries and show around the place to the tourists by giving them explanatory trail.

7. Teach Yoga, Dance etc

You know your strengths; your skills that make you stand out of the crowd. This same strength can help you utilise your passion and skills for the betterment of others in different places. There is absolutely ample number of opportunities for you to travel and teach what you love doing the most while earning a handsome amount.

8. Surf/Ski instructor

Travellers who love travelling to extreme climatic destinations have perks of taking up the seasonal jobs open for almost anybody who excels in doing it, especially when you’re a winter lover!

9. Photography & Film Making

This is a great take for those who want to travel to road ends with a camera in the hand to capture unique images. You just need to excel your skills, train yourself into the craft and then you can gauge up to the professional level by getting your pictures and films feature while travelling.

10. Travel Blogging

If you have the ability to pen down the simplest of experiences into a beautiful write, then you’ve got the right place to pursue your career as a travel blogger. Initially one has to carry just the system with them to connect to the world for sharing their personal experiences by writing what strikes you the most when you see a place, its people, food, culture and other funny stories. You actually get paid to travel, write and share the story with the world once you get the hold of it.

With many other exciting opportunities, a traveller can go for various options utilising their unique skills, abilities and discovering the passion inside him. 



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