7 Reasons Why You Should Join Defence Forces

Career is something our youth nowadays stumble upon while making wise decisions. When it comes to serving the nation, it takes a lot of courage and gut to carry the ardent responsibility of both leadership and combativeness.

The defence is something that has been inspiring lakhs of people to take up this adamant and unshakable role of a soldier. Joining defence forces is one of the prestigious and respectful career options you’ve been thinking of. It holds huge scope of reverence and extensive pride to serve for the country while fulfilling their professional aspirations.

This job sports a lot of career challenges, excitement and adventure on all three levels of Army, Air Force and Navy. However, Para Military and CRPF, BSF to gel up core responsibilities to keep us safe from the outside stress. Joining defence forces not just brings a lot of honour and adventure but it is also packed with great service and duty responsibilities which take only the valorous ones to join in.

Also, it is not a piece of cake for just anybody to serve on the borders staking their lives to keep us safe and secure from the ongoing conflicts. The selection itself is a rigorous process which the enrolling person cannot cast off. One has to be eligible to clear the written examination and the spine shaking process of Group discussion, personal interview round in order to earn the esteemed badge of a soldier.

These 7 reasons will guide you to understand why the nation needs you and vice versa.

Prestige and Honour

As mentioned earlier, joining these forces not just drives in the pride of serving for the motherland but it also earns great respect and honour for your personality and brave choice to frame the meaning of your remaining life for the country. The duty soldier follows brings in great respect and regard which leaps self-satisfaction for the personnel.

Opportunity and Advancements

Army, Air-Force and Navy all of these defence forces offer you big opportunities to raise and augment your personality and experience. A soldier, officer can also opt for going for further higher studies while serving the nation in order to secure their post-retirement. These advancements deliver several training programs too that are conducted within the defence forces for your professional growth. These opportunities given by the forces help you join any job after retirement in order to make a glib transition.

Travel opportunities

The armed forces offer you a total of 60 days leaves and in addition to this, it also gives you Leave Travel Concession (LTC) bearing you from your travelling expenses wherever you go. The transferrable job allows the person to shift on a regular basis to different parts of the country as well as outside the country.


Adventure is the odyssey inculcating excitement, remarkable occurrences involving risks. Defence Forces clearly justify this term by helping the youngsters to choose this aspiring brook of job full of excitement and challenges which they’ll have to meet. It is rather a service for the nation which the personnel have to serve with total devotion, honour and prestige.

Facilities and Perks

The biggest perk of joining the defence is the primary benefits it is shelled up with government job privilege that takes care of both you and your family. The facilities one can be privileged with free accommodation for the family along with free medical assistance from best specialists of the forces. CSD is something that adds up to the beauty of being in defence by offering great discounts along with educational facilities with scholarship and merits for brilliant children.

Personality growth

Defence personnel are the pioneers of furbished gentlemen personalities who are an exemplary epitome of authentic grace and pleasing appearance. This service imprints equal pride and dwelling chivalrous authenticity in a soldier’s gestures that makes him more gallant than anybody.

Job Security and Stability

Every good government job brings in job security along with an impeccable pay-scale.  After the sixth and the seventh pay commission reports, it is known that the salary of the lieutenant is approximately Rs 65000/- monthly and the pay commission advances an attractive increment in the salary too for the officers. In addition to this, the allowances include flying pay, high altitude allowances, sailing allowance, island allowance, pilotage allowance, diving allowance, submarine allowance, commando allowance etc.

There have been a number of privileges for those joining in defence and the nation calls the youth today to enrol in these services. Hence, brave-hearts serving in these forces experience extreme and rarest situations of their lifetime. 

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