How to qualify SAT in easy steps

SAT is a standardized assessment test that acts as a testimony to a student’s intellectual readiness to enter college. This test marks the basis through which all the colleges in the United States assess students and allow them admissions. Preparing for SAT is a tricky business because there are no set rules yet it solicits a planned approach to giving the exam. Here are a few ways to ace the SAT and emerge as a winner.


Before you sit for the SAT, it is more than important to know the structure and pattern of the exam and the kind of questions that you will be expected to answer. Once you know the pattern, it’ll be easy to perform at the day of the exam. It is important to know the three sections that come in SAT exam. They are Mathematics, Critical Reading and Writing. When you know the type of questions, the stress of what to expect comes down significantly and you can prepare yourself on similar lines.


Plan your timetable in such a way that while preparing for SAT you don’t lose out on your school curriculum. Once you are confident about your school concepts of Mathematics and English, half your work is done before you even sit to prepare for the SAT. The other half can be tackled if you prepare for SAT by enrolling into some sat classes online or join sat coaching institutes.  


Since SAT includes Math, the best idea to work with it is to practice it as much as you can. This reduces the nervousness of working with formulas and concepts and it also gives you a fair idea regarding the time that you will take to solve questions. Another aspect that needs practice is the writing section. Practice writing essays in a given span of time and proofread it well. This will help you frame essays and work on the errata within a set time.


It’s always a good idea to work on your vocabulary for any exam since it helps you a great deal in every which way possible. To know what the words in the passages of the Critical Reading section mean is always a wonderful feeling which can come only when you work on your vocabulary. At Pratham, we strive hard to give handy ways of memorizing words and building up vocabulary using various tricks and methods to help you in your sat preparations.


SAT is a 3 hours and 45 minutes long exam and it can be an extremely tedious task to sit through those longs hours at a stretch on your first attempt. Therefore, it is advised to take as many sat mock tests and practice tests as you can before you take the real exam so that you get the hang of sitting for those many hours and not tire out on the final day of the test. You can also take many free online sat tests to know where you stand.


The trick to crack SAT is smart work more than hard work. Memorizing formulas, using elimination method while answering questions and tackling easy questions first are some ways of approaching SAT wittingly. SAT exam is not inclined on your intelligence but more on your strategies and also the level of familiarity you have with the questions at hand.


Another way of working smart in SAT exam is to use the method of elimination for selecting answers for various questions. By substituting the questions with options in Math, you are more likely to reach the right answer quickly. Similarly, by eliminating grammatically incorrect options, for instance, one can gauge the correct answers for Sentence Correction.


The structure of SAT is such that questions are placed in order of difficulty. Therefore, questions tend to get difficult as we proceed further. It is a good call to know which ones are easier and therefore, scoring. If you are stuck on a question, it is always fine to move ahead and not waste time on the same question for too long. That is mostly because all questions, irrespective of their difficulty level, carry the same marks. 


A day before your exam, do not stress yourself too much. You need to relax and chill out. Do something that you love indulging in like watching movies or TV series or just hang out with your friends. After a wonderful journey of preparing yourself for the exam, all one needs on the day of the exam and a day before it is a calm and fresh mind to emerge as a winner.

We at PRATHAM have a diligently sat program that works into making SAT prep an enjoyable journey for you. By giving various Practice Tests, we give you a fair idea of how SAT will be on the final day. With a faculty, inclined towards helping you crack SAT, Pratham prepares you well to face every question with confidence and ease.


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