8 Ways teen can knock out stress from their life

The growing competition and expectancy from teenagers today have led them to deal with a lot of stress and tension-packed in their busy schedules. This stress usually leads to anxiety disorders in adolescents while they have lined up activities of schools, extracurricular activities, academic stress, volunteer options and school jobs.

These stresses are inbound of sustaining with a natural phase in teenagers life from childhood to an adulthood filled with friendship problems, dating issues that push them away from the boundary of maintaining the balance between career and relationships.

Forcing children hard on studies and academics is another reason for stress that puts them in a circle of underestimation when they fail to stand up to the expectations. Teen nowadays have been under the circumference of physical and mental stress which comes with a big scale of the potential impact on them. This might start with panic attacks due to the massive amount of school work and chronic stress that persists even after they finish their school years.

Growing competitions in the college forbid children to think about short term and long term consequences of the anxiety followed by the stress of competitions. It is very important for a child to stop stressing the sudden emergence of consequences as a catastrophe.

These tips would help you to keep stress out of your life even in the worst case scenario leading the Zen kind of life.

1.     Healthy eating habits

Stress-relieving foods are meant to lower your anxiety levels and it is one of the stress-fighting elements in the picture. It also reduces the effect of stress in your body forming the endurance foundation for the body. Eating a lot of junk food or skipping regular meals would eventually affect your diet, giving you more level of stress. Eating healthy food leads to an overall improvement in diet and a reduced level of stress.

2.     Regular sleep

Sleep is an auto-meditation for your body and it helps you relax your mind to tackle next day’s tasks. A normal teen requires sleep of an average of 9 hours and reduction in this figure contributes to stress and anxiety. If you’re unable to complete your sleep cycle, take care of your before-bed habits and make sure you sleep nine hours earlier than your usual waking up routine time. Never skip out on sleep because you won’t be able to perform your tasks better the following day with a sleep-deprived mind and body.

3.     Self-time

It is very important to know self-worth by understanding what you like and what you don’t. There should be enough downtime to get to know oneself, relax and have fun. This way you can scribble down important choices of your life in your mind and evaluate whenever you need to look back at it. Being a teenager, your thoughts and perceptions change every second day and it is very crucial to give time to yourself and clear out things which you want or don’t want. Sit, relax and talk to yourself about it. Read books, go shopping, watch a movie, follow your hobbies and have some leisure time to restore the fun you need.

4.     Meditation

Relaxing your mind and body once in a while helps you reduce your stress and improve agility.  Meditating daily for at least 30 minutes will improve the way you react to the stress that crosses your way. Close your eyes then focus on one zone in your mind and get along with the peace nature has in store for you. Yoga is another method to relax your muscles as well as the mind by exhaling and inhaling. Usually, people breathe out when they’re fed up of the stress and tension. This is because your brain wants you to give some time to your brain to accept and process to deliver the needful reaction. By meditating, you inhale and exhale every 2-3 seconds which eventually helps you react better to the problems you’re facing. This method will also reduce aggression and make you more optimistic about your future goals.

5.     Spend time with friends

Never keep your friends out of scope just because you’ve been busy with all your schoolwork. It is very important to keep the balance between personal life and academic life. You majorly need your friends to relieve your stress and one can also share their problems with friends and seek suitable solutions from them. Friends often boost your self-esteem and they make sure you don’t break your confidence living alone with the problem. Each time just kick back and have fun with your friends by cracking jokes, laughing out hard or go watch a movie with them. This will give you a break from your stressful life and you would be able to live happily.

6.     Manage your time

Teenagers have this major problem of managing time and schedule to fit everything within the confined period of time. Unable to manage time, adolescents often get piled up with work from all directions like assignments, projects, relationship issues, exams, sports practice and many more. It is always better to take out some time from your jumbled life and put down everything needed to cover in a day on a piece of paper. Make a to-do list and see how far you can fit in completing tasks. Manage your time wisely and try to keep the schedule achievable. Balancing everything together is key to accomplishment. Work smarter!

7.     Find the funny side of life

Like the phrase, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ suggests it is true that laughing out makes your body relax and the brain releases good endorphins that help in boosting your immune system and allow you to perceive your problems as not such a big issue. It is always good to watch a funny episode or crack jokes with your friends and just observe how laughter has the power of changing your mood.

8.     Share problems with family members and closed ones

Teenagers often bundle up problems related to academics, sports, life etc inside themselves which is the main cause of panic attacks and anxiety. Many children hide a thing from parents and closed ones thinking that they would not react in a good way or they might attack us with a mouthful. However, it is important to know that parents and family members are the ones who would guide you the best through your issues. They might scold you, shout at you but in the end, they would accept you, support you and give you the same unconditional love guiding the best in you. It is, therefore, the best remedy for dealing with all your problems. 

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