3 Ways to heal your child from trauma

Frightening experiences bring about the flight changes in common adult so one can clearly imagine how spine shaking incident it would be for children. A distressing life event is something that completely has the potential of changing the child’s life from the bottom. It is something that psychologically challenges the child’s sense of security and predictability of the world.

Children are not naive but yes, they do lack mundane experiences. However, the same children when going through utter shock and trauma at a small age, the definition of life changes for them. These traumatic events very often lead them to make a rash generalisation about everything based on such incidents. It not only teaches them a lesson but victimised to fearful events may inculcate anxiety and hopelessness in their eyes.

These are not special children though, they need all your compulsory attention to take care of them and comfort them from what’s terrifying them. Children tend to mould their thoughts as per their experiences. Hence, it becomes very daunting and an unacceptable task to relive the happy life believing that everything would be okay again.

These traumatic events that drove the frightfulness inside the child may be related to abuse, abandonment or any other life incident that cannot flourish away from their minds. Here are a few steps you should take precisely to help your child heal from trauma.

Talk and respond appropriately

Your child not only thrives for love and attention during this stage of need, but he also expects a hand on his shoulders to lay his head on and speak his heart out about what he feels. This will help open up the issue with your child affected by the traumatic event. Offer the child a way out of despair leftover with trauma by helping them understand the meaning of hope and encouragement. Comprehending the root of the splurging problem is necessary while conversing with the child in order to help them get back their happy face. Acknowledge what happened following the incident by talking to your child clearly. If you want the child to come out of that zone you have to talk to them about the elephant in the room.

Teach the child about Trusting themselves

Teach your child to trust themselves and restore the fading faith. A child should trust his intuition in order to listen to his own voice or conscience. He continuously needs to peep inside himself for what he wants or needs for leading a better life with further hopes and happiness. Finding happiness is not easy for children after facing frightening incidents but one can definitely teach them to search for bigger things in life or to pick out the chances of being happy. This will support them in leaving the previous phase, accepting truth, understanding and moving on with a better life.

Practical strategies

Being a parent let your child go outside, make new friends and play. Help them enjoy recreational activities such as sport and favourite games. Also, make them take enough rest and help them fall asleep faster. The longer they are awake the more anxiety will take over them. Help them physically relax and feel loved throughout the phase so that they grow up into happy adults.

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