5 Things to know about Rehabilitation Counselling

Roughly mentioning, in the wake of emergence counselling has made a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities. It not just makes the person resilient enough to battle the fiasco but also helps them endear their lives and all that they have.

Illuminating further reasons and hopes to individuals, counsellors and therapists have distinctively improved myriads of lives restoring the alacrity of enthusiasm and liveliness into them. However, Rehabilitation involves emotional and physical help an individual needs to live independently. Rehabilitation nonetheless strikes people as impunity or a certain punishment they’d face which is a definitive myth! 

 What actually is Rehabilitation Counselling?

Rehabilitation Counselling is a principal practice of providing counselling within a regimen of professionals who contribute to helping people with emotional and physical stress to live in a better mind space. This source of counselling is one of the most considerable ones since the professionals or therapists help you conclude with a new personality mapping out your career paths.

Counsellor’s help

Basically the rehabilitation counsellor contributes towards your well-being and helps you stride in a better way. Intense pressure and routine stress often tangle you up in personal, physical, social issue which might also be the reason for disabilities. This can majorly affect your ability to live life independently which is where rehabilitation counsellors come into action.

They work with individuals with similar problems and also evaluate their strengths and weaknesses urging them to heal fast. If required, these counsellors arrange medical care, provide medical training and assist in job placements if that’s what bothers them.

They also help the person develop job skills to work independently and such roles and responsibilities of the counsellor depend upon the demographics of the patient.

Counsellor settings

A professional Rehabilitation counsellor works in multiple and flexible settings inclusive of government agencies and in mental health facilities. One can also be found in community agencies where counsellors provide therapy to criminals and victims if needed. Family centres, on the other hand, provide help to spouses or parents with frequent issues and many are self-employed.


When taking counsellor’s demand and job outlook in the frame, it turns out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics implied that the platform will pave its way to grow by 20% by the year 2022. This totally sums up the fact that there is a probability of 23,400 new jobs for rehabilitation counsellors in the coming 7 years.


This kind of counselling is so necessary for a person dealing with intense emotional and physical stress since it will make you feel more confident about yourself while it doesn’t subject you to any kind of pain. Instead, it will make you more resilient, agile and active and determine you to pursue your goals by learning new skills. 

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