Importance Of Time Management For Student

‘’ Time is more valuable than money. You can get money, but you cannot get more time.”

Just take a moment and deeply think about this statement. Everyone spends his lives searching for diverse ways to earn more money, but seldom we think about the importance of time,  it’s a limited resource for everyone! All we have the same amount of hours in a day. You can’t borrow time, save it or use is later. Only you can decide how to spend it on tasks and how to allocate them in daily life.

After understanding the importance of time, it is more crucial to know, How to manage your time? As it is the GAME OF CHOICES: tasks to complete, projects to pursue and routine to follow.

Next big thing in Introduction of Time Management

Time management is a vital part of students lives to focus on study with focus and for getting high marks. In studies, students success will be determined by managing time efficiently. All the morals and habits they acquire during home and school time will always stick to them throughout their lives. It shapes the mind of the student into a sense of duty and discipline. To become a better student, Discipline is extremely important from school life. Using time efficiently and productively will help you to maintain balance in your life.

In school, Time management is not taught as a particular subject. We have to utilize our 24 hours to become an expert in all subjects. My focus on telling all about time management is to develop the best habits of spending your time wisely.  In my school days, before doing anything, I used to ask for the advantages of all the things that people are asking me to do. So the same goes here too, Below are the importance of Time management that will definitely lead you to a bright life.

Importance of Time Management

It is said, ‘’ You will never manage any other task of your life If you can’t manage your Time ‘’. It is the art of managing your time to make the best from it. You can do anything in life if you will learn this art. It is vital for all sphere people, be it is a teacher, student, working professional, homemakers and business professionals. Below are a few detailed looks at the importance of Time management:

1. Accomplish more with less efforts:

Your ability to focus will improve after learning to control your time. With increased focus, efficiency will be enhanced because you will not lose momentum. Workdays will seem to fly by as you will start breezing through each school task.

2. Decision-making ability will be improved:

After discovering time management techniques and the power of making your activities list, will make you soon realize about the benefits of making the decision for Good Time Management skill. When you have less time to make any decision, surely you will jump to the conclusion without considering all other better options. All you to eliminate the pressure which is coming from the feeling of having less time instead of rushing through the wrong process. Take time to think about each option carefully and diminish the chances of making bad decisions by taking time.

3. Key to Successful Career options:

‘’Key to success ‘’ is to adopt Time Management by taking control of your life rather than following other’s steps. As you start making more new decisions, accomplish every day, feel tasks in control, you will start progressing as increased exposure will help you to enter into the Line of Advancement opportunities.

4. Way to manage the limited resource ‘’TIME’’:

There are only 24 hours in a day and it is important, How to slice your time? It applies to all your colleagues, co-workers, mentors, friends and others. If you want to rank through high grades, finding a way to manage your time is important.

5. Leaves no room for Procrastination:

The worst enemy of a student is Procrastination, which makes the life of student dull. But with good time management, its effect will vanish. More self-discipline you will get after getting better at it. The goal of Time Management for students is to increase confidence and reduce stress. You often heard of the term ‘’Exam Fever’’, which is only anxiousness due to stress and lack of time for studies. Most of the students say that They don’t have much time to study.

So, Where is the time of students going?

Why do some students keep complaining about time and other’s start excelling?

The aim of the student is to perform better in academics. Student’s time is consumed my gadgets, internet, games, TV and various things. When I was a student, everything seems important for me but when exams come, I start getting stress for getting more marks. Some of the friends were still happy and don’t feel any kind of stress in exam days. Generally its all about playing a good role.

Let's understand where the time of student is going

Students time is prefixed by universities and schools as per their timetable and schedule. The fixed time is allocated to each class, for physical activities and lunch. Teachers try to make sure that all students should utilize his/her free time. I myself used to manage my time perfectly in school but not at home. It is vital to know, How to manage your time after School? Unfortunately few students know about it!

It the confusion of all students, that they can spend their time as they will wish after school is over. Students need Freedom and that wright. They have the freedom to play the game, use social media and have the freedom to choose an option. The correct way to enjoy your freedom is by following the proper time table. It is a complete wastage of time to indulge in such activities which will not increase your knowledge. Let's talk about the ways that will utilize your time for better results:

Time management Goal for students

Its strategies should be created by considering different goals, for example, creating a time table for time management:

  •   ·         First Goal: Time to revise things which are taught by teachers in school
  •   ·         Second Goal: Time for doing all the homework.
  •   ·         Third Goal: Keep yourself updated related to all upcoming exams.
  •   ·         Fourth Goal: Giving time to family and friends.
  •   ·         Fifth Goal: Time for fun activities and hobbies.
  •   ·         Sixth Goal: Time for Physical activities

In our life, setting the goals are important. We can achieve big things. It is necessary to teach all the students from childhood about time management Sometimes it can be more stressful to grasp all this knowledge at a young age. If a student will utilize his/her mind and follow good habits, then no other advice is required for them. But this case may be seen in rare times. You can consider the following tips to set time management:

  •   ·    Set goals for subjects, in which they are not performing well.
  •   ·     Students should set goals for good health to become smarter.
  •   ·    Timesheet wise, setting goals is the perfect option.

If every student will set goals by considering all these tips, it will help them in long run! Creating a to-do list,  making good decision time wise will make your life without stress. Setting priorities and goals will lead your way to success. Prioritizing of the task on time is efficient for students.

Time management is the presence of our minds where you have to decide what is best for you in different slots of time. We should take advantage of our lives and remember, be self-disciplined. All of us know how valuable time is for us. There are a lot of things that will help you to tackle all problems related to Time management as you can download many apps to make a checklist, adjust sleep time and alarming apps. These tips will help you only if you have good motivation to apply them in your daily life.

Tomorrow belongs to those, who prepare it for today … GOOD LUCK!


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