Use of video game in education

Does education only mean studying from books and just mugging up everything?
No, the basic meaning of education is to impart knowledge and provide wisdom.

The only difference between animals and humans is that humans can think on their own and a person can only think when he has some knowledge and a creative mind. This thinking ability is gained through both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Video games are a very good means to impart practical knowledge to students as it enhances the skills of the students which helps them to think fast and respond to difficult situations spontaneously. It improves the visual and motor coordination of children and helps them to learn fast. Researches indicate that students who play more video games have more concentration power and can easily identify the threats near them as compared to the children who don’t play video games.



Video games have found to be more engaging. Unlike classroom programmes where only books are involved, video games excite the students more and develop their interest in the subject. Books only provide knowledge to a limited extent but video games provide relevant knowledge and to a vast extent.


Video games hold the player onto it which has a very good impact on a person’s mind. Mostly, students play video games and they develop good control which helps them to learn fast and motivate them to do better. By playing video games students learn to identify their mistakes and correct them which boosts their confidence and promotes learning.


Video games provide instant feedback and this develops curiosity among the students to know what will happen now. This curiosity to know new things promote learning and the students become more eager to learn new things and adapt accordingly.



Video games make the students more serious towards their goals and they get a clear vision of what they are exactly doing. Video games teach students how to work towards the goal you have desired to achieve and in a limited time period. It also helps the students to formulate plans on how they will work towards their desired goal and how they will manage their time.


Video games teach students and inculcate the feeling of cooperation in them. They learn to work in teams and it also helps them to respect the opinion and work of other members which is a very important thing to understand in today’s competitive world. Besides cooperation, it also imbibes leadership qualities in students because they learn how to lead a team together and work with them besides having different areas of interest.


Video games teach students the art to tackle real-life problems in a very interesting manner. They also teach the students the subtle art of never giving up no matter how hard or worse the situation is. They inculcate in them that there is always a way to get through the difficulties and no problem is forever; there is a solution to every problem. So the above-stated facts make it clear that books are not the only way to impart good or quality education rather many other ways are there which can excite the students more rather than books, video games are one of the most important means to impart practical knowledge.

This is because they can easily relate to the situations they face while playing to their real lives. So education should be fun rather than a burden on students so they feel free to express their views and lead a stress-free life.

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