How Humor Can Improve Your Work Results

“A laugh a day gives results that pay”

Communication at a workplace was a  bit different earlier than it was today. Face-to-face communication and interactions aren’t happening frequently as they probably would have done 20 years ago. Conversations took place in person rather than on phones and laptops.

In the business world today, communication is reliant on conference calls, emails and social media. Some would say that technological advancements have created a rift between co-workers since digitalization has caused us to spend most of our time on a computer and concentrate on completing the day’s tasks. This doesn’t leave us with much time to socialize.

Nevertheless, if you are going to spend eight hours or more per day to work, you don’t want it to feel like a prison. Telling a joke wouldn’t hurt anyone or make you repulsive.

In fact, it would make you an approachable person and create a positive image for yourself. Who doesn’t like to work with someone who has a good sense of humor?

Since humor is associated with intelligence and creativity, it helps your team to view you in a positive light. It is said that laughter is the best medicine.

In fact, it is a key to success at work and a little fun at the workplace can help make employees more engaged, positive and productive. It is time we took humor at the workplace more seriously.

Let’s see how humor at workplace improves our work result

A Potential Stress- Buster

Laughing or finding anything humorous is a strong stress reliever. Employees can use it as it encourages people to change their perception of negative situations. It can be used to diffuse tension and add a positive spin to things.

Sending out a funny, viral YouTube video can brighten the mood of the entire office if the day’s tasks prove to be overwhelming.

Creativity and Productivity

Humor promotes creativity and you will be able to brainstorm more ideas after watching the funny YouTube video than before.

With an upbeat environment, not only will you be more innovative but it will also help you to think outside the box. The positive atmosphere in the office will improve the company’s morale and also help individual work performance.

The tasks are more likely to be completed with passion and enthusiasm when everyone in the office is having fun. Even the Mondays would seem alright and employees would look forward to coming to the office, lowering absenteeism.

The Icebreaker

A sarcastic comment would be able to cut through a tensed situation and it can break the barriers between co-workers. It can enhance one’s problem-solving skills and help in times of conflict.

 It may be risky to crack a joke in a meeting but if the presentation is heading in a stressful direction and might be time to hit funny bones.

Trust and Leadership

Trust is a very strong feeling and is very important to have in the workplace. But it can be very hard to earn co-worker’s trust as well.

One way is to reveal how you are really like under suits and professionalism. A person with a sense of humor is more approachable and studies have shown that it increases the chances of one’s promotion.

When it comes to leadership, the team tends to perform better under the leader who makes the appropriate use of humor and have a mind-blowing comic timing.

A moderate dose of jokes can increase effective communication but make sure they are appropriate for a workplace. Too much sarcasm can be viewed as snarky and might damage your relationship with your co-workers. Nevertheless, humor at the office has its benefits and the people who have a good sense of humor, tend to rank high on personal integrity….!!!

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