Top 4 Radio stations in India that continue to thrive

Radio like any other vintage old equipment is the technology that entertained its audience underlining the beginning of electronic media. As the proverb ‘Old is Gold’ suggests, radio indeed takes us back to the golden days when hit shows like ‘Binaca Geet Mala’ and ‘Jai Mala’ urged the audience to tune into engaging programmes.

This medium splurged along the lines of decency and reverence since it could be heard even when one was fielding in the yields. It is often referred to as the theatre of the mind since it largely enthralled listeners to imagine and smile as the announcement was made. Even today this medium has been associated with mass communication as the reliable one which is beyond entertainment.


While the generation continues to spread its wings across the binnacle of mobile phones and earphones, many programmes and retro channels of radio yet continue to enthuse listeners even today. Here are the top 3 radio stations in India that have continued to thrive with equal entertainment factor as the internet today!

1.     Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

This aged channel, when read by name, reminds us of the jingle we heard during the 90s. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM with its tagline ‘it’s hot!’ has been the network spreading its branches nationwide owned by the Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL). However, all you 90s kids must have come across the original avatar of this station which began in 1993 with Times FM in Indore, currently radio mirchi functions in more than 33 cities including 6 metropolitan cities in India. This station is hence the costliest one in India.

2.     My FM (94.3)

This channel was launched by Bhaskar Group which operated under the brand name 94.3 My FM through subsidiary SMEL. The tagline ‘Jiyo Dil Se’ still continues to underline the fm name and currently operates 17 FM Radio stations across the nation. This channel announces major shows like talk shows, entertainment and music that offer significant interaction with the listeners.

3.     Big FM  (92.7)

This private FM radio station in India is owned by the business tycoon Anil Ambani which broadcasts at 92.7 MHz hence named 92.7 Big FM. Its major tagline is ‘Suno Sunao, Life Banao’ and it covers 45 major cities of the country. It also includes Singapore in its broadcasting network while major shows of this station award a number of contestants with prizes.

4.     Red FM (93.5)

Red FM 93.5 is the indigenous FM radio brand which was launched in the year 2002 and functions across the country in many major cities. Yet the mix of Hindi and English songs induced love for the modern radio programmes amongst the public. However, the station now programmes exclusively in Hindi. 

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