Since Halloween, people have been splurging with planned parties shedding light on eerie themes and spooky costumes. It wasn’t the regular party ball where men and women dress up in their best of gowns and tunics but it is the petrifying glimpse of each person that leaves a hair-raising effect on people passing by.

It has been 5 days since the Halloween but what we avoid casting off is the urge to binge-watch super scary flicks and movies while chilling on the sofa curling up within ourselves even today. What’s better than watching a scary, horror thrill in your warm place this winter season? So buckle up to your seats since we have brought you 5 spine-tingling movies to watch this spooky season.

 US (2019)

This terrific release has been described as a ‘tension-filled’ and ‘chilling’ one since it lives to every bit of it! This movie’s plot revolves around the protagonist who lives with her parents and finds a hall of mirrors called the Vision Quest. This girl one day sees doppelgangers and decides to protect herself and her family. It is one ambitious horror thrill with charming domesticity the dynamic family.

Halloween (2018)

This thriller released earlier in 1978 indeed sent a chill up our spines. However, this movie starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle is about the Slasher Michael Myers institutionalised for 40 years. This man escapes custody and goes on a killing spree on Halloween night. This movie brings much closure to a troubled franchise with Curtis being excellent and Michael Myer being pleasant.

 Corpse Bride (2005)

This animation musical ‘Corpse Bride’ is an excellent direction from Tim Burton. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter’s presence and the plot following the tale of a young man, Victor set to marry a woman is dark and terrifying till a moderate level. Eventually, circumstances lead him in the world of the dead where he marries a corpse. This movie shows the struggles of Victor trying to get home and help the corpse bride find her killer.

Sleepy Hallow (1999)

Sleepy Hallow is a Gothic fantasy production featuring dark effects. This movie follows the story of Ichabod Crane played by Johnny Depp who finds a detective sent from New York to Sleepy Hallow in order to instigate a series of murders committed by the headless horseman. This movie stars Christina Ricci too and the climax eventually shivers up viewer’s nerves when the headless horseman’s headcount starts to rise.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

This one is a must-watch horror movie which is a slasher written and directed by Wes Craven following the story of an evil spirit of a slain child murdered. This spirit seeks revenge as the story unrolls further. Also, this thriller classic revolves around the teenagers being stalked in their subconscious and killed by the killer in sleep. 

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