Review: End Game for CAPTAIN MARVEL

''First Weekend for Captain MARVEL, US Domestic $153,000,000 & Foreign Box Office $302,000,000, Decent Start for a MARVEL Movie but If you missed watching it this past weekend. Don't worry you didn't miss anything''

Critical Response

The story of Captain Marvel begins with a dream of Carol Danvers, played by the Academy Award Winner Brie Larson, in which she saw a mysterious old woman shot by a Skrull and all went dark. She woke up and to distract herself from this nightmare, she went to her Mentor Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law, and asked him for a training session. Yon-Rogg tried to teach her how to control her emotions by focusing on defeating the enemy and controlling her powers.

Later, they travel to a planet HALA to find an Enemy and runs into an ambush. In this ambush, Carol gets captured by Skrulls. She woke up in a Skrull lordship in which, very conveniently, they all were floating in space near earth. She successfully escapes their lordships and crashes lands on Earth in the year 1989s, in VHS Movie Store named Blockbuster (nice product placement, though!).

Soon she discovers that Skrulls have followed her into the Earth. She tries to communicate with her Group of Kree Heros but the connection wasn't so good in 1989 to help her reach outer space... she somehow manages to tweak few wires and contact Krees heroes and her commander Yon-Rogg in outer space who are by the way light years away from planet earth.

I fail to get proper 4G internet in my Apartment but hey! this is “Captain Marvel’’ who has even outdone Stark Tech in terms of technology as we see him struggling to contact Earth in 2019 as seen in the End Game Trailer released back in December 2018. Her call gets disconnected because she runs out of coin.

''I wonder which coin allowed her to contact outer space! ''

Very Conveniently Nick Fury, who hasn't started his Avenger initiative, appears out of nowhere. It is very confusing that a SHIELD that works separately from FBI, CIA and the US Police reaches at the right spot and at the right time before the US Police could get their hands on whoever crash-landed or BROKE into that video store.

Spoiler Free Fast Forward

Carol doesn't know who she is but she knows that she had a life on earth and she wanted to do two things; Stop Skrulls from infiltrating the planet earth and find out who she is. Nick Fury helps her rediscover her identity. Skrulls are shapeshifters and they have already started changing their appearance and taking their place in SHIELD, the US Police and living among the US Citizens. Ronan is on his way to earth because they are looking for something else, killing the Skrulls is just an excuse.

Visual Effects

It is a DISNEY/MARVEL movie I don't think we would expect any less ostentatious effects. Visual Effects were amazingly done. They did, however, do an experiment with their CGI Space Scene, Battle scene on Planet HALA and the Outer space gives you more STARWARS feel and less Ragnarok or Guardians of the Galaxy feel.


It lacks pace as opposed to the other origin movies like Captain America, Doctor Strange and IRONMAN where we witnessed a complete character Arc of our protagonist. They made mistakes but eventually, they rose up to redeem themselves and see the world from a different perspective, the right perspective which turns them into a Legend, a hero..!

However, Captain MARVEL is perfect. Too Perfect! She is never wrong. Even though she has no fighting skills, like literally, which is very evident in the movie but she still manages to defeat all her enemies with…

You guessed it! GLOWING HANDS! Sadly, MARVEL copied DC's Green Lantern Character and reassigned the gender and gave a red-blue costume. We will still have to wait for Avengers End Game to see if she has any other powers.


Brie Larson is an Oscar award-winning actress who for some reason decided not to move more than two muscles of her face except for giving a smirk.

''I felt that those creatures with heavily masked make-up gave more expressions than our protagonist....''

None of the characters could complete his/her arc.. everyone gives you a feeling of a half baked cookie. Our protagonist, Carol Denver is, without a doubt, a person who can't do anything wrong. Even though she is a complete disaster as per her own flash backs where she keeps failing since her childhood she somehow still manages to get up only to Fail again..!

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) is just a sidekick in this movie and will make you laugh with his one line repartes and the relationship he builds with a cat. Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is just giving a CGI Guest Appearance

Like most Marvel fans, we wish to run to the theatre and watch this movie First Day or Earliest before the internet is filled with Spoilers but Don't worry.. there are no spoilers worth telling in this movie...

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