How to identify your body type and style accordingly?

Every one of us has a beautiful and unique body shapes. As the trends gradually change, it becomes difficult to adapt to such changes because of our different body types. Therefore, it becomes essential to identify your body type at first. If you are not aware of your body shape, the following are the different types of body shapes:


  • Hourglass Type (Curvy shape): You might have this body type if you have a well-defined waist, your butt and hip measurements are roughly even, you have a fuller bust, hips and thighs, and your body appear to be curvy.
  • Pear Shape ( Triangular): Your body could be pear-shaped if your waist is wider than your bust, you have fuller hips, your shoulders are narrow compared to your hips and you have a fuller rear.
  • Apple Shape (Inverted Triangle): It can be considered that you have an apple shaped body if your body is well proportioned, your shoulders are broader than your hips and you might not have well-defined Waistline.
  • Athletic Shape (Rectangle or straight shape): You might have this body type if your shoulder and hip measurements are nearly the same, your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down, and your weight is evenly distributed throughout your body.


After having complete knowledge of your body type, you can move forward to buy clothing and style yourself accordingly. So, here we present certain tips that should be kept in mind while styling yourself for any occasion:


For Curvy/ Hourglass shaped body: Try to wear clothes that highlight your curves and draw attention to your waist. Avoid baggy clothing and wear clothes that fit you appropriately. You can go for V-neck tops and dresses, pencil skirts, and shirts that accentuate your breasts.


For Apple shaped body: If you have an apple shaped body, then you should wear clothes that draw attention away from your waist and mid-section. V-neck waist dressed and tops, A-line dresses and wrap dresses will look really good on you. Try to choose a top that covers your belly completely and extends to your hip area. Avoid wearing bulky tops and clingy silhouettes. Along with this, try not to wear skinny jeans and straight leg pants. The right choice for you is flared or boot cut pants and layered tops or tunics. Also, instead of wearing a belt around your waist, place it just below your bust. This will create curves and minimize your waist size.


For Pear shaped body: Wear clothes that highlight your shoulders to neutralize the shape of your body. You can use scarves, pashminas and colourful jewellery. In addition to this, you can wear patterned and embellished tops or dresses. Make your shoulders look broader with the help of a bateau neckline, cap and puff sleeves. Along with this, try not to wear tight pants, Capri pants, short skirts or pencil skirts. Instead, choose tailored, flared pants. Try to wear dark and solid colours for your bottom, and brighter colours for tops.


For Athletic shaped body: You can use clothes and accessories to create curves if you don’t have them naturally. You can wear tops that end at the mid-section of the hips. Try to enhance your shoulders and bust line with ruffled tops. Choose accessories that add volume to the upper part of your body. You can even try empire-waist and wrap dresses. Also, wear a belt at the narrowest part of your waist to accentuate it.


To conclude, it is important to understand your body type and dress accordingly so that you look your best every time and everywhere. Also, the very basic point that one must remember is that you are beautiful. Never underestimate your worth and always try to feel the best about yourself. Whatever you wear, make sure you are happy about it. Don’t try to fit in something that won’t look nice on your body just for the sake of social approval !


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