6 celebrities with their Vintage style people go gaga about

Fashionistas with their retro styles have still kept the trend from the past continuing.  The fashion game of flaunting retro pieces did not go in vain with time. Continuous chase by cameras, the fashion statement of these well-known celebrities complements the elegance of fashion and style from the 1920s and 80s.

The unique and appealing look is what influences the crowd along with grace and boldness to carry the outfit. Makeup, hair and confidence bring in the aura of nostalgia within our minds. These celebrities look like they’ve come from the past with the precise vintage look. They definitely rock the red carpet while flaunting their unique fashion finds.

1. Dita Von Teese

Truly known as Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese has restored the 50s fashion sense with a sheer bustier top and a wiggle midi skirt with floral embroidery. Her signature sleek waves, pitch-black hair and red hot lipstick embrace vintage fashion in a new bold way. She often draws a line between sexy and class wearing corsets all her life. She still proves that the 20s fashion trend hasn’t died yet by stealing the look on the red carpet always.

2. Taylor Swift

This skirt and shirt with the American hat have set fire amongst the audiences listening to her Red album. The dark red lipstick and her porcelain complexion blend with her delicacy and charm on the cover. She is indeed sophisticated with vintage fashion embellishing the pose.

3. Scarlett Johansson

This 50s look by Scarlett is casual yet polished with a lushness that looks quite grand. With the polka dot crossbow shirt and solid brown skirt, the full sleeves and the streamlined hairstyle add refinement to the retro look.

4. Adele

Adele has always been the vintage fashion rebel with her collection of jacquard dress from bright prints to floral patterns that cultivate high-end fashion.

5.  Rachel Zoe

Another Vintage collector is Rachel who can take up that boho-chic look with while reviving seasonal fame of the 70s.  The basic floral print maxi dress and the cardigan above looks posh giving her the typical classic boho look of earlier times.

6.  Emma Watson


Emma made a splash to the world with the premiere of Harry Potter carrying the fantastic vintage character. Being a huge vintage aficionado she can wonderfully curate the extensive retro clothing looking extremely glamorous.

These Retro queens have stunned the red carpet with many of their classic vintage looks that people have been admiring. They are not only amassed with an impressive vintage collection but they carry these outfits with impeccable grace and finesse. 

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