7 Ways to keep hair long and healthy

Stuck midst commotion of fixing hair while keeping it healthy and strong? Pondering on which shampoo to use or which oil to consider can mess up your hair routine if you end up choosing the wrong product. Although the Internet has been flooding with hair care tips and suggestions, we have curated a list of seven daily routine rules which is mandatory for healthy and strong hair.

Crying for a voluminous mane is not an equation when you’re aiming for the long, shiny hair. Maintain the hair by following these basic hair tips.

Use mild shampoo & conditioner to control frizzy hair

Nothing is as bad as a bad hair day and especially if it comes to fixing frizzy hair. Finding a precise solution is a must since opting for professional shampoos infused with chemicals can harm your hair and damage it. Shampoos are often induced with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is the key ingredient to make foam but this sole ingredient is equally harmful and is also found in detergents. It can be harsh for your hair since it takes away natural hair oil leaving it dry and brittle. Using a mild shampoo and conditioner can prevent such problems and help you get a healthier growth.

Follow right steps while using hair products

Majority of hair products users fail to use the hair product in the right way which can be menacing for the hair. Using the product right way is mandated as mentioned in the steps behind the package. For cleaning, use a mild shampoo to remove dirt and other elements from the scalp and allow the shampoo to open up pores by rinsing it uniformly. Conditioners are basically applied to the ends of the lengths which is the most damaged portion.  Never forget to apply a hair mask to benefit your scalp with rejuvenating properties and deep conditioning treatment.


3.     Wash hair with cold water

Rinsing hair with warm water is not healthy for the hair because it can result in severe hair loss. Coldwater functions by closing the opened pores so that the scalp remains hydrated the whole time.

4.     Use heat resistant before styling

Always use protection for your hair before using a styling product. Hair is vulnerable to heat and sprays hence, prefer using heat resistant products before using any appliance on your hair. It will protect your hair from getting damaged and try keeping styling tools on low or medium heat to avoid breakage and split ends.


5.     Eat healthily and live healthily

No matter how much ever products you use or style your hair, natural beauty and shine of your hair does not come with spending hefty amounts in the parlour. Eating healthy is the key factor for healthy hair which provides nourishment to the hair. Consume essential vitamins and nutrients from your diet to promote healthy and faster hair growth. Exercise regularly for swift blood circulation through your scalp to encourage hair growth and reduce stress.


6.     Protect your hair while sleeping

Try choosing a smooth surface or pillow to sleep on so that friction of hair reduces which will prevent damage and split ends. Always braid your hair and sleep to prevent tangling but avoid braiding it too tight since it can increase tension and strain on your scalp which may lead to hair breakage.

7.     Dry your hair naturally

Avoid unnecessary blow drying and let your hair dry the natural way. Also, try opting for a good microfiber towel and squeeze excess water from your hair rather than rubbing it for too long. Even though you’re using a blow dryer, keep the dryer 6 inches away from the scalp and move the dryer constantly to prevent over-heat one portion of your scalp. 

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