4 Fashion leaders in world who broke all the barriers within the industry

The fashion industry has not yet been given much reverence and consideration even today which people call frivolous. It is astounding to find out that 1.8 million jobs are accounted for in the fashion industry in the US alone which makes up a major part of its economic, environmental and social impact astronomical. Fashion is a simple mirror that reflects back what people, labor, and society invest in.

However, it is also quite interesting to know that despite the fact that women share a major workforce in the industry, yet females hold less than 25% of leadership positions in fashion companies. Nothing changes unless people with big experiences and struggle stories put forward their deduced contemplate about their total exposure within the industry.

While there hasn’t been such a gender equality term definition within the industry, many women fashion leaders pledged to utilize their work and leadership thriving for gender equality. This gender inequality we talk about refrain women in the industry from mentoring, hiring till leading any organization.

Here are 4 women Fashion leaders who broke the glass ceiling within the fashion industry.

Carly Cushnie

Carly Cushnie is the creative director and CEO of Cushnie who as a female leader and business owner in the fashion firm supports and fosters female talent from the beginning helping them bud into better future leaders. She is someone who believes that a number of women working and endorsing the industry are of a bigger concern looking at the broader where the number of women executives in top design houses has reduced to a single digit. Carly was named one of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s newest broad members and was conferred with Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent. Surprisingly she is the first woman of color to be nominated and awarded under this category. This platform has offered her the perks of evoking change being a voice for young designers and women in the industry.

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Rebecca Minkoff spoke a lot about nepotism and biasness in the industry and seamlessly moves forward for her team members and people. She also believes that one has to go out of their way to find women of color and make sure the lady has a path within the organization. Rebecca established the Female Founder Collective since she thinks that women have the power to bring a change in the world.

Talking about gender equality, she believes that women are an incredible workforce when it comes to leadership and employment opportunities. However, women reinvest income in their families and communities more than men. Minkoff is both a mother and a founder who has a sense of balance both in her personal and professional life.

Abrima Erwiah