5 Facts you need to learn about Miss Universe 2019

 Miss Universe crown this year has been won by South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi, a 26-year-old gave a neck to neck competition to women from 90 countries and territories in the Miss Universe Pageant hosted by Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta on Sunday.

A panel of seven female judges declared Miss South Africa as the Miss Universe and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray crowned ZozibiniTunzi while Miss Universe Puerto Rico Madison Anderson was in the top two finalists. Miss Universe Mexico became the second runner up.

The 26-year-old graceful Tunzi belongs to Tsolo in South Africa has been seamlessly active in the fight against gender-based violence. The winner who brought home the title of Miss Universe first competed in swimsuit than in an evening gown followed by a different on-stage question rounds.

Here are 5 Facts you need to learn about the beauty, who has been unstoppable apparently:-

Her fight against gender-based violence

Interestingly if you check her twitter handle, you’d notice that her bio reads, “Zozibini Tunzi is a passionate activist and engaged in the fight against gender-based violence. She has devoted her social media campaign to change the narrative around gender stereotypes.”

Zozibini went on to urge South African men to write love letters to women so that they could help her form a part of her National costume section at the Miss Universe pageant. This campaign of hers was to support the UN’s #HeForSHe movement. This campaign is simply to mobilize men who fight against gender-based violence.

The lady was raised in the village of Sidwadweni

Born in Tsolo, Eastern Cape, Tunzi along with her three sisters was raised in the village of Sidwadweni and as she became independent, she went on to settle down in the Gardens Suburbs. She is the parent’s child who refers to them as her role model.

She is an advocate for natural beauty

Zozibini is the epitome of natural beauty who encourages people to be what they are naturally. She also believes that nobody should pretend of being something else since it is most comfortable in being who you really are.  Also, the winner is a hard-core Marvel fan and an avid Game of Thrones addict.

Her pageant career started in 2017

Her pageant career kicked off in 2017 when she was selected as one of the top 26 participants of Miss South Africa 2017. This path opened new doors of opportunity for her as she went on to say that apart from moving cities, walking outside and having people recognize you were one of the biggest changes she experienced.

The final question that won her Miss Universe 2019 crown

"What is the most important thing you should be teaching young girls today?" One thing new this year was that each contestant was given the opportunity to make a final statement for the audience and judges.

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