4 Exercises people above 50 years should avoid

Exercising regularly is indeed healthy and a key to fit life. But there is always a pause and full-stop at a certain age. We cannot disagree with the fact that exercising is good for people of all age groups and staying active is good for the muscles, but with time it is also essential to bring some crooks in your exercising routine that you perform daily.

With growing age, our muscles lose mass and bones weaken and become brittle. This is what makes old people prone to injury. Feeling healthy and energetic is yet another part of every being’s life no matter what the age is but one cannot escape from their signs of ageing.

Here are 4 exercises people above 50 should avoid doing:-


The name of this exercise itself is pertinent enough to decide the rest. This is one of the difficult exercises that engage a number of muscles of our body to function. People who have crosses 50 are much prone to adapt joint pain and aches if they push themselves to perform this exercise. However, incorrect exercise too has menacing effects on the body. It can put you at risk of getting injured and suffer from chronic pain. It is very difficult for ageing people to keep the muscle intact forever and a single mistake while performing deadlifts can lead to a slipped disc or major spinal injury.

Intense Cardio

Cardio is remarkably one of the must-do and best exercises of all the time. This exercise is too good for the heart but as the person starts ageing their heart becomes weaker no matter how long you ignore this fact. Apart from the heart, the muscles and arteries weaken and become narrow respectively. An ordinary person above the age of 50 years if performs an intense cardio exercise, it could perhaps strain their heart muscles and lead to the secretion of cortisol hormone. These are basically stress hormones in people who have heart diseases. This hormone is one of the major reasons for obesity and heart attacks. So keep your cardio workout short and take a break in between.

Behind the neck lat pull-downs

Although ageing people join gym and fitness enthusiasts ones are quite passionate and avid about using gym types of equipment, they should make sure that they avoid this exercise if they’re not eloquent with the right form. Pulling weights down your back at the ageing period can lead to severe neck pain and stress the nearby muscles. This may also compress neck arteries and lead to acute dizziness.

Leg Press

This exercise requires strong legs to load too much weight on legs and if done by people over 50 its may injure their knees and muscles surrounding the area. One who has already been suffering from joint-related issues or hernia must avoid this exercise forever. 

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