3 Major things you must follow to break a fever

It’s officially the season of cold and flu and the rise of body temperature is not good enough for any person. While winters have kicked off the season with a sudden extreme drop in the temperature, we sincerely need to take care of ourselves and prevention is definitely the best measure.

However, in case of fever striking you, you need not worry about being sick for number of days with these steps:-

Drink plenty of fluids

It is a fact that high body temperature dries up the water content in our body and leads to rapid dehydration which is why doctors always talk about having plenty of fluids when we complain of cold and fever.  Having warm water, juice, coconut water, teas is suggested and at least 8 to 12 glasses of water in a day is a must since it will help you fight fever and feel better.

Rest a lot

Being active continuously during fever can increase the body the temperature even more which is why resting during fever is very important to recover fast. It is said that even medicines don’t effect until and unless the body gets proper rest to function better.

Take a bath

It’s obviously daunting to get up from the weary condition and go take a bath. The thought of taking a bath during fever sends shivers up the spine but one should know that fever eventually breaks when you take a proper normal temperature bath. Try placing a damp towel on your forehead/ behind the neck or take sponge-bath with water to reduce fever. It’s quite effective and brings down body temperature. 

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