Top 6 diets women followed this year

For both men/women, one of the best and easiest ways of losing weight is following a diet plan. Many consider cutting down fats and carbs from their diet while some switch only to cereals for survival. We are what we eat and that’s what makes us more than 90% where we stand. Lifestyles keep changing but most of us end up eating unhealthy.

However, switching back to a healthy diet is very much important for people who have been dealing with obesity or other diet related problems. Not everybody has time to exercise and hit the gym in their busy schedule while many don’t have enough energy to pull themselves up after the tiring day.

This makes them put on extra kilos and risks health problems. Making changes in diet may not have helped or perhaps could’ve helped for many people sticking by it. Here are top 6 diet plans women followed in 2019 that somehow became a trend too.

Keto Diet

This most followed diet is a low card diet that reduces the body's blood sugar and insulin level, shifting the metabolism of the body towards fat. The diet reduces the intake of carbs and replaces it with fat which is scientifically known as ketosis. Ketosis leads burns out fat, giving your body more energy. The diet usually involves 5% carbohydrates, 70% fat and 25% protein. Other than helping you lose weight, keto diet also helps in fighting cancer, improving heart health, preventing acne among others.

Pegan Diet

Pegan diet suffices paleo diet plus vegan diet. While the paleo diet follows foods that were available in the paleolithic era about 2 million years ago like fruits, nuts, fish, and vegetables. It doesn't include any dairy, oil, salt or coffee. Vegan diet doesn't include animal products and by-products like eggs, milk, cheese, honey or meat.  Following pegan diet basically involves eating 75% fruits and vegetables. Pegan diet doesn't include dairy, grains, sugar, processed foods and sugar. The pegan diet makes your plate more vegetable-based and this helps you lose weight because you consume more fiber and fewer calories.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting does not refer to a diet particularly instead, it is more like a timed approach to eating your meals. This diet doesn't tell you what to eat and what not to but it tells you when to eat. This involves 16-hour fasting or fasting for 24 hours two times a week. This new eating pattern got really popular this year. Intermittent fasting involves eating fewer calories and this helps in weight loss.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet involves eating the Mediterranean way which also includes having red wine in moderation, lot of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, healthy fats, dairy and fish in moderate amount, white meat and red meat. Foods that are to be avoided in this diet plan include- Oils, grains, sugar and packed/processed foods. This diet is more about having fiber and antioxidants that simply boost immunity.

Alkaline Diet

This diet controls the acidity levels and PH balance of the body and fights cancer and arthritis too. When acid levels increase in body, it starts harming your body and keeps you at risk of health issues. This diet involves eating more raw foods, plant protein, green drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables. Following the alkaline diet, one can't have foods like pulses, peanuts, processed meat, pasta, rice or bread.

Blood Group Diet

This diet is plain unique in its own way little unheard of since it involves eating food according to blood group.  This was a diet created by a naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo who claims that foods react with your body as per your blood type. If you have a diet as per your blood type then it will help you digest food better.

Here is the brief about this diet you need to know blood group wise:-

O Blood Type

People with type O blood can have a high protein diet. They can have more of vegetables, dairy, meat, poultry and fish. 

A Blood Type

These people should have a meat-free diet and have more of fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. This is because people with A blood group have a sensitive immune system.

B Blood Type

Chicken can create a problem for these people and they must stick to eating more greens, eggs and low-fat dairy. They must avoid foods like tomatoes, lentils, peanuts. 

AB Blood Type

People with AB blood type have low stomach acid and must avoid alcohol, caffeine. They must have that include more green vegetables, tofu, dairy and seafood.

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