6 Ways you can improve your mental health this year

While most of the people thrive to improve physical health and well-being, little we know about mental health in a time where clinical depression, anxiety and fatal diseases take over our life. Living beings are voluntary and can control their well-being and fitness be it physical or mental. But sometimes when things get involuntary, people tend to become vulnerable to disorders.

Like we said earlier, there has to be a see-saw balance between physical and mental health and this new year, best we can do is promise ourselves to move past our negativity and absorb only positivity. Mental health is as much important as physical health is. WHO confirms that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds while mental disorders are one of the growing burdens in the world.

Least anybody can do is being suicidal when things can still get together if there’s hope and effort. This effort significantly comes from mental health. Here are 6 ways you can polish your mental well being this year finding happiness in minutest things:-


Celebration is something every New Year comes with. It brings events and bundle of festivals all in a new set of months for us to relive our moments and celebrate them in a better way every year. Apart from celebrating festivals, one thing we should celebrate is every small success we achieve and build on strength to move with positivity.

Accept Difficult times

It is very important to be resilient and accept turbulences occurring our way to success. Recognise what helped you, support system, your own resilience, what was it that helped you come out of these phases. Keep on reminding yourself that the next time you have an up and down, you will be able to recover from the downs as well because the strength lies in you.

Value relationships

This new year invest time for those who love you and actually care about you. Nothing beats the importance of support systems. Promise yourself that you will give time, invest your energy, your attention into your relationships - your friends, family, parents, colleagues, children, so that the positivity that support systems brings in us will make a big difference.

Enjoy life

Do not stop enjoying life. Life will keep throwing problems at you, keep throwing situations at you which you might find overwhelming. My advice would be to take multiple breaks. So what you do is keep taking shorter vacations every now and then. During the course of the week as well, try having some time for yourself, have some lighter days in between and enjoy yourself. You need to indulge in to positive distractions or alternate stresses, as we call them, which could be your creative interests, sports, outdoor activities, things that you really like doing. The more we do these positive things, what it does is, it not only makes us feel good about our own selves, it helps us distract through the negativity and troubles that life brings to us.

Focus on mental development

Prioritise mental well being. We all give so much less importance to our well being and our mental health and give so much extra importance to everything else. I say create a balance so your work life balance, your healthy lifestyle, your giving importance to a sense of joy, pleasure, cheerfulness and your family, that's what makes mental health a priority for you.

Strive through the path of success

Continue in your path of success- we all need to do that. So at work, be organised, be willing to take help, if you are a student, study regularly. If you are struggling, talk to a senior, a teacher, a colleague, a coach, feel free to reach out for help. If you struggle at an emotional level, reach out to your friends. If you are still not able to deal with it, don't hesitate to talk to an expert. Seeking help is a sign of strength. Unmute yourself, open up, anytime you feel you need help. Don't deny yourself from seeking help, for whatever reason. It does not matter what people think.

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