How to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

Being Healthy Is Not A Trend, It’s A Lifestyle

It’s not easy to get fit and eat the right thing. At Least not for most of us. It does not come as a surprise that so many New Year resolutions fail. We all start from the right intentions and determination but slowly fall back on our old ways. We vow to look the slimmest and fittest in the next wedding but it does not take too long for us to abandon our goals.

One of the many reasons why we are unable to go through the whole weight loss journey is that we try to do too much in an instant. We wish to become fit as soon as possible. Many of us think that hitting the gym every day or working out 10 hours a week will provide quick results but all it does is making exercise a burden on our shoulders.

However, in order to reach our fitness goals, we don’t necessarily need to take a giant leap in terms of physical activity. Taking baby steps to change our daily routine and making small changes in our life can get us on a healthy track. Incorporating these changes one day at a time is not only easier for us to do but is also more sustainable for the long term.

 Below are the things you can do to become the healthier version of yourself.

 Eat Regularly throughout a day

Skipping meals is not a solution to losing weight as most people believe. In fact, it can leave you famished due to which you may end up overeating later. If you are hungry, you may first move your hand to something sweet which can make your blood sugar spike and then dip, which can solve your problem only temporarily. Eating regularly throughout the day (every three to four hours) prevents energy loss, keeps us alert and focused.

Drink More Water

Consuming H2O is one of the important steps to a healthier lifestyle. Drinking water helps maintain body fluids and control calories. It energizes our muscles, improves digestion and maintenance of body temperature. There are many advantages of drinking water that it would take us a whole day to talk about it. So, grab your bottle and start gulping the beneficial drink.

Walk Just a Few More Steps

Sneaking in a few extra steps can help stay fit and increase our stamina. You can add more steps by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car farther from the front door. You can get off the bus a stop or two before your destination and walk the rest of the way. Stand more, sit less. Pace while talking to the phone instead of just standing. Make a habit of walking before and after a meal. Setting walking goals can be motivating when you reward yourself after every achievement.

Make Small but Healthy Food Swaps

Making a few tweaks to your diet can improve your health. Consume whole grain bread which is the healthier version of the regular white bread. Instead of going for orange or any fruit juice, reach for the fruit itself. Swap soft drinks with coffee, which may not be the healthiest drink out there but beats energy drinks every time. Choose olive oil instead of butter which increases our bad cholesterol levels. Other changes that you can make are Greek yogurt in place of regular, fat yogurt and baked foods for fried ones.

Sleep To Stay Fit

The amount of sleep you get every night is just as important as your food and exercise. Sometimes, people who work out and follow a diet are unable to lose as much weight as they expect. It happens due to not sleeping the required 7-9 hours. Short sleep results in higher body mass index and obesity. You can try getting more sleep by going to 10 minutes early each night.


These are some of the changes that you can make your lifestyle healthier. Resolving to stay fit doesn’t have to be a drastic deal. Simply taking small steps to improve your well-being, both physically and mentally, is the key to a healthier you. 

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