6 Signs that a girl you’re texting is totally into you

Men have these generalizing criteria in deciphering what a woman is trying to say through her texts. However, men who constantly texts are indeed too much into the girl but who can tell whether the girl you’ve been texting is into you or not? Is the feeling mutual? Well, there is a lot to tell from each text girl sends you! Women are not so complex as much as people say while if you’re really a dedicated person, that’s how you land up here!

While it is of great concern to learn from the way a person texts you, it is really important to know that understanding a woman is not rocket-science. Here are 6 signs that make it evident that she is into you:-

They send long detailed messages

Before getting into any rash generalizations or assuming simply anything, know that if she is taking out time from her busy schedule and texting you getting deeply into anything, obviously, she is the one! She is so much into you that she is investing a lot of thought, time and thinks of you as a keen listener which is why she sends you long texts. If anyone writes such long detailed texts to you, just simply are grateful that they are giving you so much of attention and talking their hearts out without hesitation.

Quick Replies

The cute girl giving you instant replies is definitely into you and waiting for texts from you. What may be the chances though? She has probably fallen for you! Rapid replies assure you that the person has been waiting for your text and replies back with equal enthusiasm to talk.

They show care and concern

If somebody keeps asking you about small-small things you do like if you had dinner or not and if you’ve reached home safely, it is definitely that she is into you and likes you. She cares about you and that’s when you should decide whether she should be getting that same thing in return or not.

Using too many emojis

Is it unusual for the person to send you a lot of emojis? She is probably over-excited to talk to you about something. She is very much into you and it’s more than friendship!

They remember all your inside jokes