7 Reasons why we love Salman Khan

Salman Khan turns 54 today and we are sure his family already has something big planned for him. The actor is definitely getting the most precious birthday gift as his sister Arpita Khan Sharma is due to give birth to her second child any time now. While the entire family prepares for double fun and double birthdays, we bring you 6 definite reasons why we love Salman Bhai.

Drool Worthy Body

Salman Khan started the trend of perfect bodies in Bollywood. The actor made men want to look like him. His beefy body is iconic. A film is incomplete without Salman taking off his shirt. He is not into the six-pack abs craze and even then he looks amazing.  

Family Man

The actor can do anything for his family. Remember Arpita Khan’s wedding? From years now the family has been staying together at the Galaxy apartment. We often see all of them going for family dinners and at several events. Also, Salman doesn’t only love his mother but he pampers his stepmom, Helen too. Sweet!

Being Human

Everybody knows about Salman’s foundation Being Human. He is the probably one of the only star to start a foundation for the kids and the poor. And did you know what he did for the kids? He knows that kids with illness won’t go to watch a movie. So prior to the release of his film Partner, he had a special screening for the kids and every kid walked out with a special gift in their hands after the event got over.


Dance, dialogues and persona, Salman Khan is truly a trendsetter in everything. When it comes to dance, everyone knows that actors like Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor are considered best dancers. But what sets Salman different is whichever moves he does, it looks good and unique. Like,  ‘No Entry’ title track, Just Chill (Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya), O Jaana (Tere Naam), Hud Hud Dabangg (Dabangg) and many more to back up this statement. Also, how can we not mention this fact - anything looks good on Salman Khan, that’s why it reflects on the youth generation. Imagine the hairstyle which he sported in Tere Naam become such a huge rage in India.. He is one actor who actually redefines cool.


Nobody can host Big Boss better than Salman Khan. This is his 5th year the actor is hosting this show and he is the only reason people watch it. Before Bigg Boss, the actor has his own show called 10 Ka Dum. The show became so popular that the channel benefitted and went on to be the third highest rated channels ever. That’s the power of Salman.

Damn Attitude

This is one aspect that sets Salman Khan different from other stars. We love his ‘Give a damn attitude’. Hits, flops, awards, none of these things matter to him. We’ve also heard that the actor signs films, which make him happy and not the critics. Whatever the critics say, the actor goes on to make films which his fans will prefer watching.

Style Icon

Tight tees, leather jackets, jeans and boots, that’s how his personal style is. His ‘Being Human’ t-shirts have become a rage. The trend became so big that the actor launched a brand so that his fans could wear them too. Plus his turquoise bracelet looks cool. Don’t you agree?

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