Can you talk to tulip through Google Home?

“Google Assistant has the ability to talk with flowers, particularly tulip, due to the achievements in the Artificial Intelligence. In Netherland, Google Tulip was developed, as it is the only country that produces 50% of the flowers in the whole world as it produces 13 billion flowers a year”.

Tulip is the Netherland’s most famous flower. Google and Wageningen research team were able to build the Google Home Assistance existing with Neural Machine Translation that builds the connection between the tulips to the human signal.

How they did it?

Netherland produces billions of tulips per year. Dutch Tulips are built with strong connectivity through roots within the field and are the tallest tulip all over the world. They believe in organizing the AI information that is inherent in the root network of flowers. Wageningen University has designed the first “Digitized Flower” over many centuries. This research allows us to know, what tulips are communicating with the help of Machine Learning?

System Architecture

Google Tulip is having a Simple architecture that allows us to use Auto Natural Language to machine language and Google Cloud Speech to the Text. Cloud IoT coding is used to carry out prediction with the connectivity of million of tulip together.

Human: Hey Google Talk to my tulip translator

Tulip: Hi there, I'm a Flower. What would you like to know?

Human: What do you need to grow?

Tulip: Sunlight! Thank you. Do you prefer water or Sunlight?

Human: Water

Tulip: Ah Interesting, Me too! We Could be related. Water is the essence of Existence. Do you like sunshine as well?

After research of two years, Google Hub tulipians added a flower language to the Google Home Interpreter mode. Now it possible to understand the flower's language by offering the translation between dozens of human languages to Tulips.

Google says, "Google Home is understanding what tulips are saying because of AI and as well as they are translating the flower language into different Human Language”.

I heard in many videos, Tulips are saying about nutrition, water and sun. Now, Google is working on communicating with cacti.

This feature is tested in the world's famous flower park of Netherland. User says "Okay Google, Talk To My Tulip". Google Tulip is the best example of how Google has a broad vision for AI advancements. Google describes that the Tulipish (flower language) is a rudimentary language that will allow us to listen to Nature.

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