Sundarban's Stronghold, Bengali Tigers Could Vanish

Most magnificent world's creatures are the iconic Bengali Tigers. These majestic creatures are in danger of extinction by human researches which let them in the state of poaching. Sundarbans area will be seen without these strongholds (Bengali Tigers) which are seen across India and Bangladesh.


We've lost around 95% of the tiger's population over past centuries. A handful number of Bengali tigers are seen in Asian Countries and only a few hundred are seen in Sundarbans. Poaching in all illegal ways diminished Bengali Tigers and also deers.


“Between 2005 to 2016, a number of Bengal tigers fells from 440 to 106 in the Sundarbans Bangladesh as the population of tigers is dangerously decreasing due to an increasing poaching crisis, fragmentation and habitat degradation”, said Dipankar Ghose, Director of World Wildlife Fund.


It is found that by the year 2020, Bengali Tigers will be vanished out by the rising sea level, increasing salt in soil and water.


Rising of salt in the water and soil is due to declining rainfall and all the Sundri tress in Sundarbans to give up the ghost. For the survival of Bengali Tiger, fresh Water is a must for them.


Serious Conflict with Humans

When we will heal our surroundings, we will heal over self. Due to many reasons, there are many conflicts between human and wildlife. Tigers are venturing out from their habitat and coming closer to the human which results in fatalities.

According to a recent study, three tigers killed each other and almost 30-40 people are reported to be killed in the Bangladesh Sundarbans area. Now many conservation efforts are reducing tiger-human efforts. It is crucial to take the necessary steps that will increase resilience in the Sundarban Region for tigers!

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