Top Highlights of PM Modi at Global Business Forum

Soon after the Howdy Modi event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strived towards the Bloomberg Global Business Forum on Wednesday in New York and gave a keynote address to the audience. Joining the much-respected leader were eminent business and politicians including Bill Clinton, former International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde and various other top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in the summit.

Marking his presence at the Bloomberg summit, Prime Minister Modi was unstoppable while addressing the audience while everyone was all ears to him. He did not just speak about the restoration of Global stability but he also shed light on the key step taken by India to cut down corporate tax in order to bring in a ‘revolutionary change for investment.’

"Government of India respects wealth creation. We announced a huge cut in corporate tax, it is revolutionary for investment. Everyone I have spoken to since then has called it historic," PM Modi said.

 Appreciating the support of Indian citizens for the government, he proudly announced that people seldom shy away from taking big decision to make reforms. He also went on to add that the elections saw 130 crore Indians expressing their sentiments to urge development.

These are some important points from PM Modi’s address from the Bloomberg summit:-

1.     Talking about the combination of Indian prowess, the minister shed light on 4 inclusive factors- Democracy, Demography, Demand and Decisiveness. He also spoke about scrapping around 50 early laws that served as a stanchion in the path of democracy. Narendra Modi is indeed a pessimistic influencer which he proved by dragging everybody’s attention towards the sudden changes brought by the recent government for the well being and development of the country.

“We have scrapped 50 old laws that were creating hindrances in the path of development and all this in the first 3-4 months of my new government. This is just the beginning, there's more to come. It's a golden opportunity to partner India,” said PM Modi.

2.     Talking about Indian capability, he urged the world leaders to join saying that India’s economy has been determined to gauge up to $5 trillion from $2 trillion. He also showed them the glance of the remarkable opening of defence like never before and impelled the leaders to make in India, for India and the world by investing in the country.


3.     “Our people are defeating poverty, moving up the economic ladder. If you want to invest in a market that has a scale. Our middle class is a huge segment that has a global outlook. Our youth are the largest users of the app economy. From food to movies to transport, start-ups are acing everything. Our infrastructure is expanding at a fast pace. We are rapidly modernising our cities with citizen-friendly infrastructure,” said PM Modi.


4.     He also ensured the safety of investments during the speech and said that Indian demography has made India one of the best engineering, R&D bases. Speaking about the government stressing on building continuous inclusive and see-through the system he also stressed on India being the world’s third-largest aviation market. He also said that India managed to form a uniform GST system from the tangled taxes version.


5.     “Because of reforms, India is rising in every global ranking. You know these rankings don't fix themselves. We have focused on simplifying rules. At a time when FDI is falling all over the world, it is growing in India. Your desires and our dreams match. Your technology and our talent can change the world. Your scale and our skill can speed up global economic growth. If there is a gap anywhere, I will personally act as a bridge. India's lifestyle is a great example for the world. On principle, we believe that the Earth is our mother. We have no right to exploit it, we can only maintain it. We understand the need but there is no space for greed,” PM Modi said.


6.     PM Modi spoke about the abundance of renewable energy in the country while showing them the synopsis of key missions plotted by the country to conserve water. He also said that India has been running a major programme to discourage single-use plastic. This address was inclusive of the fact of India being the world’s third-biggest coal reserve and concerning the global connections, he also highlighted that the benchmark should be interconnected globally with India since its reliance on English leaps confidence amidst investors.

7.     India can become the world's food basket. We want to move towards organic farming. We have started the world's largest health assurance scheme. It covers more people than the population of US, Canada and Mexico combined. Our optical fibre network is reaching 600,000 villages. We have to focus on disaster resilient infrastructure in the coming days. Social media has become a powerful instrument of democracy. It's encouraging to see established media take up initiatives to counter fake news. I am active on social media and I have ordered action based on incidents that catch my eye,” said Modi.

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