Big Highlights of PM Modi’s UN General Assembly Speech

The 74th session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 27, Friday garnered enough praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi from many prominent political leaders from across the country. His speech did not just drive the sense of statesmanship, but it also splurged immense responsibility of PM on the world stage with a leading voice of reason and purpose.

Climate Change

While addressing in Hindi, he stressed on various aspects of the development of the country. He also went on to pull out roots from the corner of the epidemic climate change crisis that the world has been facing. PM Modi called for the world to come together in the fight against terrorism too and mentioned that India has been an example to the world through which other countries seek motivation.

Covering issues like climate, terrorism, global peace, he also delivered India’s message of harmony and peace to the world leaders from the podium.

India gave the world ‘Buddh’ and not ‘Yuddh!’

He also quoted a very catchy line, ‘India gave the world ‘Buddh’ and not ‘Yuddh.’ His historic speech at UNGA was lauded by Home Minister Amit Shah one of the top leaders who also congratulated him saying, “He (PM Modi) perfectly summed up our cultural ethos, aspirations of 130 crore Indians and our resolve to build a better future for our people.”

On peace and terrorism

"India has given the world a message of peace and the country has sacrificed the most in UN's peacekeeping missions," said PM Modi. He also said that it is necessary for the world to unite and fight against terror which is the key responsibility of humanity.

"Today, the world is changing and it's not in anyone's favour to be divided on the basis of terror. We all need to fight this together,” said Narendra Modi.

Tuberculosis free India and Increase sanitation

In his landmark speech at the UN headquarters PM Narendra Modi highlighted the government’s effort to make the country free of the deadly disease by 2025. He also shed light on the efforts taken by authorities to increase sanitation and hygiene in India through dedicated campaigns.

Plastic Free country

"While I was coming here, I read something on the United Nations building: 'No more single-use plastic'," PM Modi said, before mentioning that he was pleased to let the world know that India was in the midst of a major drive to end the use of single-use plastic.

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