Service utility charges cut down by JNU admin

While there has been quite a commotion amongst JNU students and authorities that students went on to protest marching towards the parliament lately, all they demanded was a complete rollback of hostel fee hike. Although, many students and protesters got injured during the violent lathi charge by the Delhi police, the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU)  and hostellers were adherent with their demands over the proposed fee hike provision in the Draft Hostel Manual.

Decisions taken by University’s Executive Council:-

The hostel fee hike and the deadline provided to students to return to hostels and dress code hit them like a tornado which led them to aggressive protests. However, on Wednesday, the JNU administration announced to partially roll back the hostel fee hike only for students below the poverty line. The admin also scrapped off the provisions for curfew timings and dress code from the draft.

Bursting the bubble

There hasn’t been any change in the fee structure of the hostel for BPL students who avail scholarships and for Non-BPL students. Also the Executive Council (EC) decided to do away with some of the clauses in the Hostel Manual Draft which led the rage within the students.

Provisions in the Draft

Hostel Timings: The hostel timings approved by the Inter-Hall Administration Committee included a clause asking the residents to be back in their respective hostels by 11 pm or by half an after the library shut close. It also stated that students found outside their hostel premises after the mentioned timings and those who involved in violence or peace disturbing activities on campus will be evicted from the hostel.

Dress Code: The dress code included the clause that all the residents and guests should be coming to the dining appropriately dressed.

Service Charges: Around Rs 17000 service charge was introduced with one time mess security fee hiked from Rs 5,500 to Rs 12,000 (refundable).

Hostel Room Rent: The room rent decided for single-seater room was highly increased from Rs 20 per month to Rs 600 per month. For those in two-seater, it had been increased from Rs 10 to Rs 300 per month.