Review: Royal Bullet Trial 500

In India, the Classic series of Royal Enfield Bullet is best selling motorcycle because they are most reliable and robust even in harsh conditions. With the new genre of Motorcycle "Royal Enfield", you will have the best riding experience and that is called The Bullet Trial 500 and Bullet Trial 350.

What does Trial mean?

From many decades "Trial" is the type competition that involves motorcycle with rider, without putting a foot down and riding across beautiful trials. Since from the 30s, Royal Enfield has been winning many numbers of Trial events.

What makes it different from the Classic 350/Regular Bullet and Classic 500/Bullet?

Classic 350/500 and Bullet has been optimised for all road-off roads. So trial's chassis, suspension and engine are all same to Classic's. Even the riding position and post are all identical. To make Trial's motorcycles suited for off-road rides, they must have 18 inches (spoked wheel) at the rear, 19-inches (spoked wheel) at the front. It is sure Royal that Enfield will stand out in the sea.

But, What about Accessories?

Handlebar brace, metal bash plate and headlamp guard are all aftermarket fitments. To ensure oil sump, you must install the metal base plate.


The seating position is comfortable and upright. It is mainly designed for spending many hours in the saddle. It is easy to sit and ride on Enfield.

Don't think that, Royal Enfield is an adventure tourer as it doesn't have the suspension and comfort travel of a Himalayan. These motorcycles are designed for highway roads and city. This 350 Bullet Trial is just a Classic Series/ Bullet motorcycle with best road-off ability at Rs 1.62 lakh and Bullet Trial 500 for Rs 2.07 lakh!

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