Today Father of an A.I network of Google joined Apple

Ian Goodfellow, One of the top A.I mind at Google has joined Apple as the director role. This hire comes as Apple company is increasingly striving to tap Artificial Intelligence so that it can boost its hardware and software. To supervise AI strategy, "Last year John Giannandrea, Search head of Google AI joined Apple”.

On Thursday, Ian Goodfellow updated his profile on Linkedln that he has joined Apple as the Director of Machine Learning in some of the Group Projects. Apple is developing the best AI features for Siri and FaceID as they are working on different driving technologies.

Google Spokesperson confirmed about his department. But Apple declined to comment on that post.

Goodfellow is the real father of an AI technology and is also known as GANs which stands for Generative Adversarial Network. He is master of an AI approach which is basically drawn on discrimination and generative network. He can come up with the creative and unusual forms of text, audio and video.

Generative Adversarial Network system has been used to generate fake media content "Deep fake".

At the University of Montreal in 2014, Goodfellow got his PhD. He worked at Google and OpenAI. In academic literature, all his researches are widely cited. People working in the AI department of Apple have completed all the GANs technology Researches.

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