Is it Possible, Fish can be the source of Antibiotic Drugs?

In future, you may take a single pill to treat your diseases by simply owing your recovery to the tiniest microbes that actually flourish in the slippery mucus layer of Fishes.

Critically it is more important to find the antibiotic for new generations without much side effects. WHO (The World Health Organization ) warned about the paramount issue that, “Use of antibiotics continues to climbs and will become more serious day by day. By 2050 people will be affected by infections more than cancer”.

How to find a new antibiotic?

Perhaps 70% of the population of our country are using these naturally occurring anti-infectives. Microbes and plants produce diverse chemicals, some of which are with antiviral and antibiotic properties that are also toxic to our body cells.

Although different efforts to identify new anti-infectives have been focussed on Soil microbes of. Microbes are all around us and also inside us. Humans including animals play as a host to the large community of these microbes within the gastrointestinal system and on our skin.

These microbes interact with their hosts in both negative and positive ways. Sometimes they may be the source for all new antibiotics. According to the latest research, “New antibiotic is found from the Human nose Bacterium”.

Slimy mucus that coats fishes “Acts as the most protective coating”. As the animal comes in contact with diverse species of fungi, bacteria and viruses, the mucus acts as the Physical Barrier. According to some researches, Fish micro-biome produces a chemical component that protects them from any infection. Interestingly, we found that several bacterial extracts had strong antimicrobial activity, with 15 extracts exhibiting strong inhibition of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

MRSA is a drug-resistant human pathogen that is responsible for many difficult-to-treat infections in humans. They found that microbes are producing different analogues of multiple Heterocyclic aromatic compounds (called phenazine) that has the ability to perform all functions like antibiotics. These extracts might also help cancer patients, as “Fish delivers Pseudomonas bacteria which is isolated from the Surfperch ( coastal pink ). Thus Microbes which are associated with the fishes produces complex and diverse chemicals that are excellent as the source for drugs”.

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