India is the Biggest Audience of YouTube

The CEO of YouTube, "Susan Wojcicki" was present at YouTube Brand cast event held at Mumbai, India. She shared its all YouTube exponential growth insights which are mostly interlinked with our country India.


YouTube CEO announces that “Our platform has more than 265 million monthly active Indian Users. Our fast growing audiences are from India. Today YouTube has become the initial stop for all users to consume different content, whether they are looking for information, travel, education and social news”.


In last year, Consumption of mobile users of YouTube has increased to 87% and its 60% of YouTube Audience are from the six largest metro areas in our country.


“In past one year, YouTube mobile users have increased to 85%”.


Today, YouTube has become the best storyteller, with almost 15,000 Indian Users to cross 3 million subscribers. Just 6 years before, there were only two creators with one million subscribers.


Global Head, Google said, “Most promoters have a similar issue - associating with individuals that invest all their energy in cell phones. More than 70 per cent of a campaign is impacted by innovative. At Google, we have been working for quite a while to empower the Brand Awareness”.

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