Black Hole Image confirms: Einstein was Right

On 10 April, Scientist revealed the first image of the Black Hole with shadowy hot edges, where the light blends with the Funhouse effect of cosmic rays.

Astronomers gathered the data of black hole from the eight radio telescopes around the world and show the supermassive black hole which surprises all of us after seeing that picture. It is related to the “Light Sucking Monster Of Universe theory” by Einstein and his theory is confirmed after many centuries with a lot of observations for decades.

You can see the Black, Yellow and Orange ring in the picture of Black Hole.

“We are so surprised as we have seen the image of Black Hole which was never imaginable”, said Sheperd Doeleman of Harvard.

Supermassive Black Hole is in origin, unlike many smaller black holes that usually come from the collapsed Stars. The super mysterious black hole is located at the centre of galaxies and it is so dense that not even the light can escape from its power of gravitation pull. It also refers to the Event Horizon, a point from which even light can't return and it can be as big as the entire Solar system.

Black Hole looks like the "Lord of Rings" as Powerful Flaming Eye of Sauron, said Jessica Dempsey, Deputy Director of East Asian Observatory and Co- Discoverer in Hawaii.

Four years ago scientists used extraordinarily observations for knowing more about the two small black holes which created strong gravitational wave after merging in the Space. This theory was predicted by Albert Einstein. Latest image of Black Hole adds the light to this sound which was published in Astrophysical Journal Letter. Other Scientist's suggested, “This announcement is worth of a Noble Prize similar to Gravitational  Wave Discovery”.

Black Hole is under the severe death spiral as such no one can return from that devil point (black hole). Photographers stayed so far from it to be safe. It is circular and the other side is of brighter light. Many measurements are taken so that its image will be seen by the human eye and for it, hot light is given the colour of exquisite gold.

In the image, gas is heated to million degrees by the gravitational friction. Funhouse effect is created by that gravity where light is seen from both sides. This project costs up to 60$million.

The black hole is similar to the "Wall of Prison" and no one can return from that hole. Its first image is in a galaxy known as M87 which is almost 54 million light years away from the earth and its mass is 6 million times more the than mass of the sun.

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