World Malaria Day 2019 with unprecedented success

“In 2017, India accounted for 4 per cent of malaria cases worldwide”!

On 25 April, World Malaria Day is observed and many efforts are made that raises awareness about Malaria. From recent year, annual events and campaigns with the theme of "Zero Malaria Start with Me" made many efforts to eradicate the root cause of Malaria.

“War against this disease is half won if we together take efforts to eradicate Malaria by few active efforts like smallpox and Polio”!

Since 2015, big advances are made for fighting Malaria that brings down many cases of this disease. This day marks the best opportunity for all global and public health organisations to engage the private sector, global leaders, society and academic institution to eradicate the life-threatening disease. A lot of progress in eradication malaria is seen over the past years.

Female Anopheles mosquito is responsible for causing high cases of Malaria and this gene of mosquitoes reproduce rapidly which becomes a serious problem. Gene Drive is the most ambitious progressing drive with clever use of new gene editing technology to make this noxious malaria-causing mosquito sterile. Other advances are made in Africa that decreases Malaria cases in African Remote Area.

Image credit: WHO: Malaria mortality from around the world as of 2017.


How Malaria Caused?

Malaria is caused by the parasites of Genus Plasmodium which is one of the life-threatening vector-borne diseases. Malaria Parasite spread through the Female Anopheles Bite and its initial symptoms are headache, chills and fever. Patients suffering from this disease may also suffer from cerebral malaria, severe anaemia and respiratory distress.

Preventive measures for Vector-Borne Disease- Malaria

Measurements of Malaria are contributed to using mosquito repellents, wearing full sleeved clothes and using mosquito nets. Children and Pregnant Women are recommended to take ant malarial drugs that prevent all the risks of Malaria Infections.

Malaria puts the health of half people of India in risk and it is recorded that, Malaria causes the death of one child every two minutes. As per 2018, World Malaria Report, 219 malaria cases seen worldwide and globally no progress is seen from past years. But from 2017, India reported only 4% of Malaria cases and also it doesn't stand among the top three malaria-affected countries in the World!

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