In Saudi Arabia, Yemeni launches drone attack on Abha Airport.

In the last two months, two drone attacks affected the security system of South-western Airport in Saudi Arabia. Total nine people were wounded said Saudi Security Team Member.

According to Houthi Al-Masirah news agency, Drone Attack on Abha International Airport was claimed by Houthi Rebels on Tuesday. It is believed that Tehran was involved in this drone attack.


Abha International airport is the major hub for all tourists and it disturbed the overall peace of this country. On Indian National, Eight Saudi People were injured at this attack. Saudi Tourism is continuously being attacked by the Houthi Militia a target the local Saudi people. 

26 people were injured in last year attack by Houthi Missile on the Arrival hall of this same airport. Tuesday's attack came with more tension between the United States and Iran with an extra fever pitch.   

“Wide operation was launched that will target Abha Airport's Warplanes with missiles and drones” said, One of Iran aligned Rebel of Houthi Militia. 

Iran was every time accused by Saudi Arabia for supplying weapons to Houthi Militia. All the following attacks will lead to World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis. 

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