Parliament Approves Triple Talaq Bill

Triple Talaq is one of the most debated topics in India has formed intense pressure majorly amongst the Muslim women throughout the years of struggle and attempt to strike off the practice of instant talaq. India’s parliament approved the bill making the Muslim practice of ‘instant divorce’ a criminal offence.

This atrocious practise has ruined the lives of many Muslim women as well as their children. Women often received instant talaq by letter, telephone or through text message yet the women fought the custom by petitioning the ruling body to declare Triple Talaq unconstitutional. Many Islamic countries like Egypt, UAE and Pakistan have banned Triple Talaq but the custom continued to infect Indian society. The campaigners, protesters have sharply divided the political parties over this bill.

These Muslim women did not only fight the battle across the country but fought it within themselves to weigh down the stigma attached to divorces. Stories of these women who have experienced this dangling sword of instant talaq above their heads would leave you feeling the scorns and scoffs of this shambling practice. The tale of tolerance and endurance of these Islamic women will bring shiver up and down your spine. 

1.     Afrin:-

This 22-year-old woman from Shahjahanpur was a cheerful and happy girl as a child who loved scrolling through the feeds of social media. After a lot of sufferance in her four years of marriage, she still hoped on keeping things normal. The other evening shook her with a post on facebook by her husband saying ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’ when her phone beeped with a message flashing the same three words that left her shattered in pieces. She was sitting alone unknown to what is going on, she kept murmuring the words in intense shock while her 3-year-old daughter played with toys scattered on the bed. Her mother exclaimed that her husband’s family had been demanding dowry and had to dissolve the marriage using the Triple Talaq system. Afrin mustered all her courage to report the police against her husband who took misused the Muslim Personal Law.

2.     Shayara Bano

Shayara had her case cumulated with multiple petitions to the top courts since it formed a lot of pressure for the abolition of this practice. Shayara is one of the triple talaq victims who had closely petitioned ban on instant divorce, polygamy and nikah halala which ingested as the worst Muslim customary practices. Under Nikah Halala, the Muslim woman is forced to marry again after the divorce, consummate the marriage and then break it if she is willing to go back to the first husband.

3.     Rubina

Rubina was just 24 years old when she married a prosperous aged man in 2015 to get financial support for her family. She often got threats from her husband of instant divorce due to which she lived away from her husband. The society left no stones unturned to humiliate and ostracize her in public.

4.     Rizwana

Rizwana is a 33-year-old Railways employee who is one of the rigid petitioners of polygamy. She married an Indian Air Force employee Mohammed Khalid who deceivingly married her by concealing his two previous marriages. Rizwana discovered this news by finding two of his previous identity cards carrying names of two other women in front of spouse. Unable to seek divorce due to Islamic norms her alimony was taken away from her.

5.     Farzana

Farzana from Kanpur is a single mother who was continuously tormented by her husband demanding dowry even after concealing previous marriage from her.  It came as a shock to her when the neighbours revealed about his first marriage but still went along surviving for the sake of her children. She also filed a domestic violence and maintenance case against her husband and in-laws in 2009.


Despite being tortured and oppressed in Muslim society, these women seamlessly kept litigating for stringent law formation. With new iron-fisted laws these women no matter which community or religion they come from, hold their dignity and respect intact. 

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