CLAT and Boards are the two biggest hurdles between a law aspirant and their dream college. One cannot afford to compromise on either one of them. It is important to ace CLAT to get into your desired National Law University and at the same time, it is important to score well in the Boards. One needs only 45% to appear for CLAT but it is advised to score well in Class 12th Boards, as it is always reflected in the academic record.Some big companies also consider the board marks to decide which candidate to hire. If in any case the aspirant does not qualify in CLAT, then Boards acts as the primary support and backup system.

Plan your journey and have a mentor-

Law aspirants are torn between the preparations for two major examinations of their career- 12thboards and CLAT, which only adds to their stress. Juggling between two major examinationscan be exhausting. The only way to conquer both CLAT and Boards is to plan every step.. The day you start your CLAT preparation, sit down and create a blueprint for  yourstudies. Any  problem can be solved with efficient planning. Having a mentor is the key toacing any exam. It can be your teacher, or anyone who has cleared CLAT. Not everything is written in the books and not everything is taught in class. A mentor helps the aspirants by providing motivation and guidance on the right way to prepare. Tell your mentor about your plan. They can tell you what is feasible and what will waste your time. Ask for reference books and materials so that you do not waste time on any useless resources.

Start at the right time-

Some students start early but lose their focus along the way. Do not let distractions affect your studies. It’s important to be socially active but limit yourself. Do not let it hamper your schedule.These are some of the major things you can do to manage or juggle between CLAT and 12th boards. This might look simple but at times is very difficult to execute. According to some experts, you need to dedicate 80% of your time for General Knowledge  and Current Affairs, as they require consistent efforts from students. You need to devote time on different sections based on your capabilities and understanding. In the early days of your 12th, spend 65%  of your time for preparation of CLAT and 35% on 12thboards.Later on, from November, spend 65% time on boards and the remaining on CLAT. Remember, you need to prepare for GK and CA throughout the year.

LEARNthe basics-

Most aspirants commit the mistake of ignoring the basics in both Boards and CLAT. In Boards,they often run towards fancy books for complex problems but ignore the NCERTs. CBSE asks most of the questions from the NCERTsitself.So, before running to additional books, solve the NCERTs. This will also save time, which you can devote to CLAT preparation. The same applies to CLAT modules.There are people who like to mix it up and pick up 2-3 modules at the same time. Stick to one module at a time and master it.Contribute a large portion of your time solving and analysing  mock tests or previous year papers.


Take a break from time to time. Your brain needs rest and so does your body. Exerting yourself over and over again will only result in you falling sick and losing time and energy which could be better utilized. So, it is okay to go out for a movie or sleep a little extra or spend time with friends and family.Rest when needed. Overburdening yourself will only lead to less efficiency in your studies. Whenever the need to relax arises, do whatever reduces your stress.


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