Dos and Don’ts while preparing for CLAT

You might be very close to winning, but you’re  not yet there. Preparing for CLAT is not easy and it doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for CLAT entirely by self-study or with the help of a coaching.You might have a very strong plan or strategy that you created for your preparation, but you can/will still make mistakes and face the consequences.

Study Smart

You should study smart rather than just studying hard. This is a paper that has negative marking for a wrong answer. Thus, you cannot attempt each and every question, as every wrong answer will reduce your score and thus your rank.So, it is importantto know which question to attempt and which not to. This can only be achieved when you know what your weaker subjects/ sub-topics are and which ones are your strengths. CLAT is an exam which does not test your knowledge on lawbut whether you have an aptitude for law.

Solve previous Year Question Papers

You must focus on the analyzing your performance by attempting previous year question papers or any sample paper. When you look at the previous year question papers, youcan see that the situation based questions that are given to the candidates they are usually based onactual cases.So while preparing for CLAT you can also opt for reading the case summaries, to know what was held by the court in that decision and why,and for having a better understanding of the concept.But it is important to note that you cannot rote learn the cases.You have to understand the concept behind it because the questions asked are usually indirect and rephrased.So, it is important to understand the concept and then answer the question.

How to attempt the questions

It is important for you to understand that in the very first instance you must not go for a tougher question and try to attempt it.Instead, you must startwith a very simple question to boost your confidence and then start with the tougher questions.Starting with a tough question may make you may lose hopeand cause panic. This still holds true while attempting any of the sample papers or previous year question papers. You must learn to divide your time for each and every section and trying to finish that within that particular time and not exceeding that allotted time. You must never let your ego come in the way of attempting the paper.

Judiciously using time with Boards

Due to time constraints and engaging schedule during the board exams, many students rarely allocate sufficient time to complete a full-length practice test in one sitting. You have to concentrate for more than two hours on the test day. Therefore, not doing full-length practice tests can damage your chances of clearing the actual exam. It would be advisable to simulate the conditions you will face on the exam day. It is also suggested that you must practise your question papers during the time when you are actually going to attempt your CLAT paper on the prescribed date.

Further key points you must keep in your mind while preparing for CLAT:

·         You must not be dependent on just one source for mock tests. Instead you must try and attempt mock testsfrom       various institutes. Also, solve any sample paper that you get,along with previous year questions.

·         You must also not join various institutes and buy their study material while preparing. This is only going to add   unnecessary materialto your pool of resources. This only puts pressure on your mind, jumbles everything and   causes confusion. Self-study is one of the most important parts of the preparation phase and you must learn use   your time and brain power judiciously.

·         Do not delay any subject or topic for later and do everything on time. You must have a routine and you must     follow your timetable.

·         Be prepared for surprises; for example, if there is an unexpected question or your computer is not working, don’t   freak out. Remain calm, read the question carefully and decide if you can do it. The art is to handle such surprises   with calm and intelligence. 

Remember you are unique and that is your power!


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