Maharashtra State Assembly Elections better than Game of Thrones

Soon after Devendra Fadnavis resigned as Maharashtra CM, netizens grew sarcastic making hilarious memes and statements taking it to Twitter and social media comparing it with Game of Thrones. While the commotion between Shiv Sena, NCP and BJP has been quite an ongoing political drama, Twitter has been busy simmering memes on the continued spectacle.

However, it has been made fun of Fadnavis resigning just three days after taking oath as the chief minister of Maharashtra during an early-morning ceremony that eventually stunned the nation. Just when people thought that the bubble has been burst and the drama has come to an end settling disputes amongst the party members, Fadnavis with tenure of just 80 hours creates a new record of being the CM with the shortest tenure in Maharashtra.

These events unfolded and gave rise to various memes overflowing over the internet poking fun at the ongoing situation and taking jibes on the drama online. Many Twitter users compared the scenario with a popular TV series Game of Thrones and claimed the Maharashtra State Assembly elections to be better than that.  Many users described the situation as a prank played by Ajit Pawar on Fadnavis by resigning as deputy CM of Maharashtra.

Now that Fadnavis is to address a press conference today to announce his resignation, he has been stepping down the seat since he failed to get enough or majority support after Ajit Pawar got away with the deputy CM tag too. Whatsoever, Devendra Fadnavis blamed the cascading of his government on Pawar’s decision to resign who went on to switch from NCP to become Maharashtra Deputy CM under BJP led government.

Also, while addressing in media Fadnavis mentioned that Ajit came to him mentioning a few personal reasons that led him to resign from the designation. Eventually, Uddhav Thackeray is likely to be the CM of Maharashtra.

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