Amazon planning to bring Video Ads to its Mobile Apps

While shopping on Amazon’s iOS and Android, you may be greeted with many video ads as many ‘video spots’ are rollout by different companies.

"From several months, Amazon has been beta testing the Video Ads on the platform of iOS ", Reported by Bloomberg.

Apparently, these ads are coming to both Android and iOS version of all Amazon Mobile Apps. People are more familiar with the matter of Video Ads Planning and Report citing that Android Mobile Ads are planned for later this year.

In response to search query brief video spots will appear, which will be generated by the users within its app - As per the latest report

Buying guides, DIY and product videos are already added in the e-commerce portal. Video Ads are open to new revenue opportunities and it will help to set up as an Ads challenger to internet giants - Google and Facebook.

Amazon has not shared any of the Video Ads detail yet. Earlier all the online retailers used consumers reviews and product information to determine which product is more relevant for the specified page.

Nowadays, Shoppers are seeking out other marketing destinations like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram for their product testimonials and demonstrations.

To prevent shoppers from switching from the Amazon Channel, more product-related videos are added by Amazon two years back.

"New Mobile Video Ads are an expansion of many features that the company has tried on its own products and software including Kindle reader and Fire TV " - According to the Analysts reports.

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