Game Of Thrones, Winter is coming game now available for Mobile and PC to follow.

Good News for all Game of Thrones Fans! As we are just a few weeks away from the Game of Thrones Season 8 and nothing can contain this much excitement. Long-awaited Game of Thrones "winter is coming" game now available for browsers and it's will definitely make you so happy.

Game Of Thrones is the real-time strategy PC GAME for all desktop App users.

This game has been developed by Yoozoo Games in China and officially has been licensed under a license of HBO by "Warner Bros International Entertainment".

Currently, this game is only available in the English Language and more languages support is to be scheduled in the coming days.



It is pretty simple to start off with these games. Just head to the official games website (GT Arcade), where you have to sign up by using your authenticated Google Account, GT Arcade account or Facebook Account.

Once you are signed in the official website of GT Arcade, you can choose different modes to play this G.O.T games on this website or you could download desktop App.


Its storyline starts from where Edward dies in this show and all the payer emerges as the lady of Westeros and New Lord. Across this game, various characters can be seen with their own bands of soldiers, followers and skill sets. Also, you can select your allies and use them into yours.

Further, you will be training army, building a base and recruiting followers. Through this game, you have to collect money which is much required to get close to THE IRON THRONE.

Game of Throne is currently available for PC Browsers. Soon it will come out for all mobile users. Mobile app for G.O.T Game will be made by the maker of PUBG MOBILE "TENCENT".

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