Hijab Launched by Nike and Basketball Raptors for Women

For every hijabi woman who is a basketball fan, this good news will splurge basic enthusiasm in your spirits to bring out ardent love for the game. Nike and Toronto Raptors lately pitched in together collaborating with Nike to launch the first-ever branded line of hijabs for sportswomen.

This news has enthused many out there in support of the idea behind the inspiration. Hijabi Ballers is a Toronto based group that came up with this moving and inspiring idea. This group cleanly paved their way through the growing discussions about women whether or not to wear a hijab during the game.

The home-grown movement has created a safe arena for Muslim women playing sports. With the introduction of this branded line of hijab, Muslim women are all set to promote the visibility of Hijabi sportswomen in the game. The Raptors came up with a video launch featuring women on the ball court wearing these branded hijabs.

Inspired by those brave enough to change the game.

The Toronto Raptors Nike Pro Hijab is available now.

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The video has a voice-over mentioning about the perplexity following Hijabi Muslim women who have almost backed out from serving them part of religious identification playing sports.  With only a few Muslim women in the bigger field, it has been known that these women merely carry a hijab in sports arenas due to wearing complexity.

This has been taken care of by the Raptors who now have made available head coverings for these women tailored in a way that they can comfortably endure athletic activities. This step towards inclusivity will hence shape a new identification for Muslim sportswomen who had been finding it difficult to wear a hijab on the field.

Nike threaded on the Pro Hijab that was launched in 2017 which was hosted by Muslim female athletes which then fell back being a decisive subject since many saw it as a glyph of oppression of Muslim women while many opposed it for the choices Muslim women make without being judged.

This has brought in a big change with people applauding at the idea behind it. In a place where Muslim women are rarely noticed on the field competing amongst the best, only one thing that draws undivided attention of the crowd towards a Muslim woman is the Hijab she wears majorly. With this inclusive decision, these women would now be able to showcase their talents and emboss their names on the list of best athletes being recognised amongst the community. 

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