5 Hair Products to Stop Hair-fall & Damage

Hair fall is something that freaks us out when you jump off the floor at the awful view of hundreds of strands coming off. However, even a few follicles coming off can gush you with worry and effort of hunting down useful products. This phenomenon need not be natural every time while many women saw the situation getting worse because of getting their hands on the wrong products.

Like any other problem, this problem too has a home remedy that is hundred per cent natural and effective. This remedy is not just common and present in your kitchen cabinet, but it will also urge you to grab the product since it comes handy and packaged in bottled products. We are talking about Onions here.

You must be pondering what onion has to do with our hair? Well, Onions are highly rich in sulphur that aids the damaged scalp, stimulating it to increase follicular strength. This will also make your hair thick and strong. Now that you know the innate strength of this vegetable, we have these products for you that not only helps you get rid of the pungent smell but it will save you the effort of squeezing essentials from the stem to apply on hair.

1.     Red Onion Hair Shampoo

This is undoubtedly the best shampoo and one of the most effective products to improve hair growth and thickness. It also uniformly treats the scalp washing off the dead cells since it contains argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, proteins in the form of keto, red onion oil and amla. Now you can say goodbye to your old chemical packed hair shampoo that has been damaging your hair and grab this one from the stores because it is natural as well as herbal.

2.     Red onion Hair oil

An unhealthy scalp suffices the biggest result of hair fall and hair growth and even worse if it is clogged and dandruff-prone. Feeding your scalp with the wrong oil and massaging it can perhaps worsen the situation. This Red Onion hair oil contains many herbal essentials like neem and gooseberry oil to purify and restore growth mechanism in your scalp.

3.     MCaffeine naked detox green tea with onion oil hair growth oil

Regular head massage proves to stimulate hair growth and increase the pace of circulation of blood in the veins under your scalp. Using an essential oil like this improves the blood flow of the scalp better since it contains nutritious onion properties and caffeine that nourishes the hair.

4.     Oriental Botanics Red Onion Hair Growth Oil

Although the oil seems expensive but the effective nature of the oil does justice to the price. This miraculous works more like a shampoo and it contains a host of oils which nourishes the scalp because of protein substitutes of rosemary oil. The olive oil present in this bottle moisturises and the castor oil initiates growth while the almond oil nourishes the scalp.

5.     Kaya Hair Naturals Scalp Detoxifying Tonic

Everybody loves a fruity smell and a perfumed fragrance coming from their hair. This concoction made from ginger and onion smells very different from its elements. It is not just the aroma of the oil, but one can keep away their scalp from flakiness, itching and boils by massaging this oil. This oil will surely restore the strength and reduce hair fall by 80%. 

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