5 Tips to avoid hair damage from straightening

Every girl faces the problem of bad-hair day sometime in the week and the major saviour is either the straightener or the blow drier we mostly rely upon. It indeed works like magic for most of us who want to style our hair like a Barbie and head out with the finishing shine.

Straightening and blow-drying is not menacing to your hair until the strands are sleek and thin enough. Straightening is a mechanism that works miraculously for those who want to style their hair with a uniform straight finish. But you never know what major reactions your hair goes throughout the whole process of heating.

Scientifically, heat proves to break the keratin chemical bonds of hair strands and finishes off with a sustainable straight chain of keratin which leads to the perfect finish of ironing. Here, many straighteners might come with the anti damage technology but it is impossible to prevent thin hair strands from damage caused by heating.

To ease your effort, we have brought you 5 ways to avoid extreme hair damage from straightening:-

1.     Heat Protecting serum/spray


This is the key product you must have on your dressing table before getting close to hair straightener. It is very important to protect your hair from the heat and this heat protecting serum or spray is something you should get your hands on. This spray/serum acts as a barrier against damage and also keeps the hair colour uniform giving you the desirable shiny finish.

2.     Adjust temperature accurately

Before letting your hair strand go any close to the heating tool, make sure the temperature is moderate enough to avoid burns and excess heating. Not following this step perhaps can lead to excess hair fall and dryness in the scalp. Also, try to go for tools which have ceramic plating since the ceramic proves to be less damaging than the steel ones.

3.     Do not iron same area multiple times

The set temperature looks after the section of your hair which you have been straightening. Avoid ironing the same section multiple times to avoid damage.

4.     Treat your damaged hair

Indulge in some TLC regularly considering the hair damage and surely go for a hair spa at least once in two months to your nearby salon. Try using a hair mask to help repair your hair or go for the natural remedies that nourish your hair from the scalp. Treating your damaged hair would restore life into them and make it softer plus healthier.

5.     Avoid Hair Dryers

Always rely on heatless drying after every head bath since continuous exposure to technically heated hair can damage the strands and lead to severe split ending results. Try to go for natural drying since your mane would like it. 

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