5 Things women need to talk about openly

Women have slowly been coming on the forefront to talk openly about their needs and issues. While women have been determined in fighting for their rights and equality yet many ladies out there are less informed about the personal freedom and decisions they need to take for themselves.

Today’s world is now open to discussing menstruation which was something that was looked down upon earlier when people considered it as a taboo to talk on such issues. However, there are still a few things that women still shy away from talking openly amongst themselves. This has been a major concern for women who are still unaware of a lot of unsaid things which is very essential to learn about.

Here are a few such things that women should openly talk about:-

Menstrual Hygiene

While women have been fighting for breaking the forbidden talks on menstruation, it is very sad that menstrual hygiene has not yet been under the limelight of awareness amongst women. Most women get access to sanitary pads, tampons, and other sanitary products even in rural areas today but the awareness revolving around menstrual hygiene is still quite limited. This is either because many women still carry this norm of not speaking about it openly or they simply consider it as a myth. However, it is very important for women to discuss menstrual hygiene and be aware of the right method of sanitation.


This major and common hormonal disorder is expanded as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be found amongst the majority of women who don’t realize the complications associated with this problem. This hormonal disorder causes major hormone imbalance leading to irregular periods, acne and ovarian cysts that could be painful that it requires surgery for removal. This issue has still not come to the forefront since most women don’t realize to see a doctor as they consider it as the usual PMS.

Vaginal Hygiene

Very few women talk about this issue but this is something most women should take care of. Having a clean and hygienic vagina is not only good for sanitation but it makes sure that you don’t adapt any infection or disease due to this major drawback. Be aware of the products meant for maintaining vaginal hygiene especially when you’re menstruating. Use products like V-Bath since products like this help maintain the pH balance and prevent infections in intimate areas. Never forget to give specialized care to your vaginal hygiene and put it on your routine list.


Why rely on other contraceptive companies and condoms for birth control or contraception when you can yourself choose your own way of contraception? Women increasingly need to be aware of contraception methods without relying on their partners. Women need to talk more about female contraceptive measures like IUT, Copper T, and basic contraceptive pills. There is a major need for the advertisements to spread awareness about pills women are unaware about.