Experience Regarding Internships During College

"Hello friends, I am an undergraduate student currently pursuing B.com (Hons) from Delhi University. I am going to share my experience with you all regarding internships along with my college and how do I manage time?''

So friends, I am currently doing 2 internships and I am a volunteer in CRY NGO. So, I started volunteering in CRY NGO from 17 January and there I deal directly with the slum students. To be a part of this NGO you have to attend an orientation session which is conducted every month and then you can apply for the same but attending the orientation is necessary.

I have applied for the internships that I have been doing, through the Internship Fair at Daulat Ram College. I got interviewed there and luckily got selected for content writing.

One is at KIND BEINGS NGO which is unpaid and the other is at IIMF, PRATHAM which is paid. I must tell you that these internships play a very important role in our life. These are not only good for building your CV but also help you to gain a lot of experience.

You get to know many new people with different interests and you learn a lot of new things from them.

First of all, I would like to talk about what I am learning through these internships.


''Don’t Ever Doubt Your Worth''

The main trait which is improving a lot is my self-confidence. Since I get to know new people every day and I work under them and with them, I get to learn a lot of new things which are very helpful for me. My communication skills are improving day by day and now don’t feel shy in talking to new people and talking in front of many people. Now I can easily address a group of people and stand in front of them confidently.


''Education Makes You Sufficient and Skills make you Efficient''

My skills are improving every day as I do a lot of work on a laptop, so my typing speed and computer-related skills are developing which are very essential for my future. As a content writer, I have to write a lot and therefore my English is also improving. I am able to learn new skills every day which is just very good for building my CV. 


''An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest''

As I have to travel a lot in metros to reach my destination, I have to see that I spend my money in a very efficient manner. You all must relate to this because we all get a limited amount of pocket money and we have to bear all our expenses through the pocket money we get. These internships have also put a ban on my inappropriate spending.
Now I would like to tell you what hurdles or obstructions I face while continuing my internships.


''Either You Run the Day, or Day Run You''

Time management is one of the major hurdles I have to face. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to manage my time. Every day I have to attend an internship at IIMF from 10 to 1 and then after that, I had to rush to my college for attending the lectures. After completing college and I have to do the work assigned by the other internship that is KIND BEINGS. I have to go to CRY on Sat and Sun for two hours on each day and I have to attend every session of KIND BEINGS on Sun for 2-3 hours, otherwise, I have to work from home and send the work assigned to me through e-mail. All the days are very busy and hence time management becomes a major task.


''You Gotta Nourish, To Flourish''

I don’t find any time for myself because till the end of the day I get too tired to do anything. But as I am a very travel loving person and I love to visit new places and go out with friends, I do find time to do all this stuff. College assignments, internals, internship work, sometimes things get so messed up but by this time I have understood how to manage all these simultaneously.


At last, I just want to say that these internships prove to be very beneficial for me. I am learning a lot of new things and gaining a lot of experience. I am enjoying my college life as well as I am able to develop my personality and skills which is the main motive of every student in college. All the best to all the students and enjoy your college life to the fullest. Don’t get frustrated too early and keep going. Everything good will make its way soon...!!!

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