4 Literary hits that inspired Bollywood movies

Indian cinema is an industry which seamlessly gets inspired from excellence outside. Be it real stories, true incidents or literature. Bollywood is a place that has showcased and nurtured other streams of talent on the screen by adapting their synopsis from books and novels.

The novel is to readers and movie is to viewers while there has been a big surge of audience gushing in theatres, more than a fraction of readers have ingested curiosity and money for reading popular novels that directly implies a lack of deserving attention towards books. Novels indeed have a big base of readers but most of the books deserve to come under the limelight of cinematography to garner more attention.

However, novels have set an inspirational platform for the Bollywood industry to adapt and cater to the entertainment needs of the audience by sharing each other’s ideas and tactics parallelly.

These are few of the novels which have grabbed great reverence amongst readers and have been applauded by audiences by inspiring Bollywood industry to adapt their core stories.

Chetan Bhagat’s novels

This phenomenal author has transformed himself into a developed screen-writer who is regarded majorly for writing Indian –English novels that gel up huge appreciation amongst the readers. His books are glued to the young minds of Indian youth revolving around passion, career and romance. This author seamlessly gave Bollywood scripts for 4 movies which emerged as big blockbusters.

One night at Call Center – Hello

Five Point Someone – 3 Idiots

2 States

3 Mistakes Of My Life – Kai Po Che

Half Girlfriend

Sharad Chandra Chattopadhyay Books

Sharad was a Bengali novelist who gained reverence amidst literature in India with his enticing storytelling that contributed a lot in framing the overtly dramatic screenwriting of Bollywood movies like Devdas and Parineeta. Devdas emerged as a successful movie with its brilliant 70mm film story adapted from the Bengali popular novel Parineeta while another 1914 novel of Sharad left the audience gasping at its screenplay.



3.     Emma

This popular novel by Jane Austen has been transformed into a lifted motion picture by Bollywood. The movie Aisha was based on the Hollywood ‘Clueless’ which is inspired by the novel Emma. This movie outshined Sonam Kapoor in the industry and contributed towards producing one of the best novel adaptations.

Emma – Aisha


The Bollywood movie ‘Haider’ put an Indian twist in the novel Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The director called this movie a fast-loose adaptation of Hamlet which grafts its source story inorganically. This Shakespeare legacy has been carried out by Bollywood from Hamlet to Haider earning this movie various awards and bestowing the 2014 year in its name while this movie helped Shahid Kapoor emerge back in Bollywood.

Hamlet – Haider


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